After Binz, Suboi And Andree Right Hand Participated In The ‘making Rice Music “challenge

In order to spread positive messages, join the community to repel Covid-19, many artists such as Suboi, Binz, Rhymastic, Soobin Hoang Son, ... participated in the campaign 'Making Rice Music ". 0:00 / 2: 29Nam Northern, 17/8, Suboi, Andree Right Hand and Many Rapper have uploaded the rap sections to social networking sites to respond to the campaign "Muzik stamping"

. Each work will be exchanged 100kg of rice to send to people in the translated zone. In the video posted, the Suboi Rap extremely on the background is produced by spacespeakers. The Rap post also has the participation of Nodey - Suboi's commune with a reversible role and the video part of Vu (Antiantiart)
The song is the message of Suboi to "love" Covid, difficulties Since the epidemic occurs. Female Rappers also cleverly transmitted optimistic messages, hoping for everyone to be peaceful, protecting themselves and the family before the epidemic. The most surprise is that the end of the video also has a lovely voice from Suboi's first daughter. RAP received the praise of the public about Suboi's attractive Rap voice and the highlight of female rapper girls. On the same day, Andree Right Hand also received positive feedback when participating in "stamping" with the rap of the listening to the listened by the rhythm. Through the Rap, Andree want to "chase" Covid to let life better and don't forget the message to send a listener at home to prevent epidemics. Before that, Rhymastic is the pioneer artist who participates in this campaign. Although I have to RAP with a hoarse voice but at the end of your almost 1 minute rap, male Rappers don't forget to call the famous Rappers like LK, Andree Right Hand, Suboi, Karik, Wowy, ..
participating in the challenge This.rhymastic is a pioneer artist who participates in this campaign. Newly launched only 4 days but so far, the campaign has received the enthusiastic response of many famous artists, rapper such as Ho Hoai Anh Lake, Touliver, Binz, Justa Tee, Tien Tien, Karik, Datmaniac, RPT Gonzo, 16 Typh, G Ducky, ... Each product shows its own personality and strengths but all spread positive energy and prices Humanities of the campaign. "Muzik stamped" was a campaign initiated by Spacespeakers with the desire to spread positive energies, creating a playground for young people who love music and contribute practical value to the community. People Joining the challenge will creative 1 video rap, singing, jumping, remix, ... on the background music produced by spacespeakers with civilized content, positive, no irritation Ng. Upload videos to social networking sites Facebook / Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube in public mode with hashtags

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