After Birth, Brake Lee Intends To Go Injecting To ‘fix Errors’ In The Lips

Not only Mother Bim Bim Brake Lee that almost our sisters came to the cold season all had this disadvantage, causing a lot of influence on beauty and health.0: 00/2: 43 South of the southern season when making proud strawberry and Collection of the first princess, Lee brake actor became closed and confused from the social network. Each of her photos chose a subtle shooting angle to preserve private happiness. The actress "loves to hate" after birth has not been long but has "caused storms" social networks with the appearance like never "overwhelmed". New, rarely publicly taking pictures with wine girls Sochu and as a fans "drop my heart" tired

. I have revealed my daughter's face, even so, the beauty of the muse of Lee's brake is the center of the picture. Lee when the last months are not Excess weight gain, she mastered a good weight. Therefore, the mother's appearance was not "destroyed" like nasal blowing, darkening skin
Even so, her beauty still has a defect like a normal person. She also had to post a sister to save the sisters "the network" .Theo, she was born in 1990, said: "Who does it have to reunite the loves around me? Going to the winter And the hand is always in a state of skin jerky skin and then beige blood. Using all kinds of lip nursing doesn't lose. Many when I want to go injecting your lips to stretch it for it, support wrinkles but the lips look like 2 pretty leeches, so I don't dare to dose. Does anyone have a tip? Does the dry lips are uncomfortable ". The root of Ha Thanh shared on Story Personal page" Toang "Light beauty and intention Inciting lips but it is not yet finished. I also revealed the image of the face of the face when the sun switched to cold. Her lips are cracking, wrinkled and lacking more vitality. Beautiful people messing up: "Not in that east, as the field is not? Institute is no longer cold like this anymore"
so Skilling her photo of her selfie Hanoi days declined to below 20 degrees Celsius could see the lips fighter the title. A lips are known even though I try to use a lipstick, it will be piggy, irregularly colored. Dry, cracked or pain often occurs on cold and dry days. Chronic charming lips can be a sign of some serious illness, while conventional dry lips can be overcome using home treatments at home. Many countries have an important role in The toxin excretes and moisturizes skin, hair and lips. Therefore, if a lack of water is very easy to lead to a condition of dry, cracked lips regularly. It is best to take 8-10 cups of water every day. You need to drink water many times a day instead of drinking plenty of water once. Drinking water does not help improve the status of the lips immediately and need to maintain regularly. Your dryness is also dry. Dry skin peeling can cause bleeding, inflammation or lips. When you want to lick your lips or remove dry skin, you should apply lip balm immediately. At the same time, reappearing lip balm or applicator after drinking water or washing mouth.Hai this bad habit only makes the condition of the worse lips, Lee brakes also have to recognize this. If you have used lip balm lines like Lee Brake and still see the lips of lips do not end, you should review the diet of a vitamin deficiency that is the cause. Some vitamins are essential in keeping skin and healthy lips, vitamins A, B, C, B2 (causing deficiency of riboflavin). You need to make sure to fully supplement these vitamins to avoid the flue cracking. This essential vitamin is found in a variety of foods such as meat, milk, eggs and some vegetables, butter, ... you Also avoid salty foods that make you lick more lips. Diet and salted snacks are the cause of dry lip. Cafe or carbonated water is also the reason why you lick your lips more in the dry season. Lee claims to be a fan of Cafe. Perhaps those who are getting addicted in the dry season, are re-moderate. Yellow

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