After Birth Do Not Want To Cry For Sagging Breasts, Deform Moms Remember To Do 4 Things

Mom make good 4 things to take care of the breasts better! 0:00 / 1: 40 nam nuoc suspeps or breastfeeding bra after birth, prolactin will help promote the process of breast milk, from That increases breast size. If not wearing a bra, the chest will be sagging. The mother should wear a lactation lingerie to support the entire breasts and take care of the best breasts. In addition, mothers are breastfeeding very susceptible to wet bras, their mother should prepare some milk absorbent pads. How often Massage breasts Mother can massage the chest to chest firm, plump

. Chest massage can stimulate tissues around the breasts, increasing blood circulation, helps breasts better. In addition, after birth Many mothers are blocked milk. The breast massage can communicate the milk service at the same time can help me with enough milk for baby feeding
Implementing the posture for your baby to breastfeeding is not one of the reasons for breasts to flow, deform , especially for newly maternal sisters, no breast-feeding experience. When breastfeeding, she must give children a nipple with a halo into her mouth. If your baby is only sucked in the nipple, it is easy to lead to chicken neck cracks. In addition, when breast-feeding best, she should breastfeed 2 sides, otherwise the chest will be unevenly. Many food helps breast augmentation This is a relatively healthy and effective breast augmentation method. After giving birth to the mothers must pay attention to balance the nutrition in the diet, not to eat. If you want breasts without sagging, I should eat a lot of good food for your chest. Many different vitamins can have very good breast enhancement effects, such as vitamin B. Eating lots of vitamin B foods can not only lift breasts but also can be beautiful. In addition, melons are also a nutritious food
Collagen in melon can prevent skin aging and support breast augmentation. Learn Huyen - according to Sohu

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