After December 31, The Word Card Still Traded Normally On Atm, Pos

The State Bank affirmed that there are no regulations on stopping or denying card transactions for customers using domestic debit cards from circulation. Illustration. (Photo: CTV / Vietnam) Repleniaries of public opinion on cards for expiry date in early 2022, the State Bank affirmed after December 31, customers can still use word cards to deliver Translate cards at ATM, POS. That is the contents of the document No. 8458 / NHNN-TT on the implementation of basic standards for domestic chip cards issued by the State Bank

. The contents of the text This, in order to ensure security, safety, prevention, limitations that may arise during the supply and use of card services, the State Bank has issued Circular No. 41/2018 / TT -NHNN dated 28/12/2018 Regulations on bank card operations, clearly stating the roadmap to convert to chip technology for domestic cards and card accepting equipment operating in Vietnam. Circular No
19 in 2016 Regulations on banking card operations (amended and supplemented), the State Bank requires issuing cards to convert cards with bin issued by the State Bank (domestic card) Is circulating compliance with S Mechanical standards About domestic chip cards. In addition, from March 31, 2021, card issuers to issue local card issuance in circulation must comply with the basic standards for domestic chip cards. And the card accepting device (POS) at the currently active point in Vietnam complies with the basic standards for domestic chip cards. Do so, the State Bank affirmed that there are no regulations on stopping or refusing to assign Translate cards for domestic cards are currently used. To ensure the implementation of ATM and POS transitions operating in Vietnam comply with the basic standards on domestic chip cards, the State Bank requires Card issuing organizations and card payment organizations need to review laws, contracts or agreements between card issuers with cardholders on the issuance and use of bank cards, ensuring transactions Take place smoothly, safely, do not affect the rights of the cardholder. Do not provide policies and regulations contrary to the provisions of the Banking Card Activities. The banks implement communication measures on the customer with domestic cards (cards are still in use) But not yet transferred card issuers to the chip card or because the customer has not reached the location of the card issuer to perform the conversion or receipt of the chip card, after December 31 can still use the card From to perform card transactions at ATM, POS, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, the trading counters in accordance with legal regulations. To avoid misunderstandings, bewildered affects the rights of customers and prestige Banking activities in general and banking card activities in particular, the State Bank requires card issuers, card payment organizations need to strengthen policies to encourage and support customers to transform from Inland cards to domestic chip cards; Propagating utilities, superior features, safety of domestic chip cards and risks related to continuing to use card from inland. Besides, credit institutions need to guide customers to be Cardholders use other electronic payment channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, QR Code .
., thereby have an appropriate approach and measures for early cardholders to convert to a domestic chip card. Card issuance organization, card payment organization coordinated with the Bank Card Association (Vietnam Banking Association) and Vietnam National Payment Joint Stock Company (NAPAS) to build and issue regulations on conversion Responsibility in the transition from cards to a domestic chip card, officially applied from January 1, 2022./. Thuy Ha (Vietnam)

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