After Evergrande, Adding Two Chinese Real Estate Corporations Entangled In ‘debt Crisis’

Sinic Holdings and Fantasia Holdings are Chinese subsequent real estate corporations that are falling into the same script 'debt bomb' Evergrande but at a smaller scale than 200: 00/2: 31 namlong real estate enterprises China Debt payment late. In announcing on October 5, Fantasia Holdings Group said the group was unable to pay for 205.7 million USD for bonds issued in 2016 on October 4. Fantasia will have a grace period of 30 days to arrange bonds to buy bonds, pay for the ownership otherwise it will be declared the debt. The above information is given when the Real Estate Management Company Country Garden Services Holdings As a single unit of Fantasia did not pay a short-term loan of 700 million yuan (about 108

.56 million USD) .Fantasia Holdings Group was founded by the niece of the former Vice Chairman of China, in 1996. This group specializes in building high-end housing areas and is working on at the same time in some projects in Beijing, Wuhan and Tianjin
Fantasia Hol Dings having international bond debts 762 million USD will maturity this year and an additional $ 1.15 billion of the bond value must maturity in 2022, not to mention 992 million USD in the country. Fitch Ratings on October 4 has lowered the ranking of Fantasia to "CCC" (significant credit risk and possibly shifting) before that, s

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