After Journey To Journey, Thien Long Bat Sujunisi

The scene of the toilet is taken to the film is quite ungainly and monitored. The remake versions from classic movies continue to receive no less criticism from public opinion because of the overflow or put into the weaknesses Horse of objections. The latest name was called by Thien Long Bat Bo 2021.Theo, the movie after 3 days of new waves only reached 50 million views. Although trying to follow the so doors, focusing on the scene but the film has a number of situations that make public criticism criticized

. The sanitation will be taken to the toilet to be quite ungainly, monitored, in the scene Union to meet a yen language that is considered one of the most expensive moments of this work despite being in the novel or previous films, the 2021 version is all in contrast. The union was urgent, intended to "resolve sadness" right in the peony garden but afraid of subcutaneous sitting. When running away to find a minute, the sudden suddenly kingdom appeared
When the team left, the camcorder Lia down below the disaster of the wet ground as implied that this character was confused to urinate out Pants right in front of the dream person. Many people criticized this secret, ungainly and causing loss of hygiene. Not only that, it also collapses the beautiful image of the unit. In this film, the union was also commented as Hao's name. Before that, the film was also criticized about the cast. Accordingly, many actors and shapes are poorly criticized, creating countryside. Classic characters also become a mediocre character. The film also commented on Slow-Motion technical abuse causing many monotonous and boring scenes. Many people commented on the film like Indian film and martial arts, like ballet dance movements. The argument in the film was improved from Western Du Kien 2021, not long ago, the 2021 movie was inspired by the West The name of the enlightenment of the boside boside was shown online in late May last also received no criticism
The film has the participation of Tran Hao Dan to be disasterly with inexpensive techniques. The actress plays the role of spider, there are quite cool scenes, abusing opening scenes or showering with obscene streams. Guests are probably the most remeded work and also has the most obscene versions When I used to take the lovingness of the fairy to take care of, distorted. Even if the manufacturer must be public sorry because of his movie content.

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