After Making Dogs

Hang decided to go to the hair to go to the temple to go to the temple to take care of, to redeem all the mistakes he sown ... Hopefully the next life, she has a dog, it does not be carried out 200:00 / 2: 43 South Vietnam In the story of doing business, tired driving home, with frustrating mood and sad. Entering the door, hitting her eyes as a living room like a battlefield

. I wanted to be a fearful, because it had a mistake that pulled the toilet paper to tear away. Finished cleaning, didn't penalize the puppy because he knew to repent, just explore and then go to the tail like apologizing to the owner. Being the only life in the world always looks at her with the most loved and loved eyes
Being scolded with the tail, was punished by a punishment as well as the glad to be awarded. I want to be awarded, it's only that, it was only the stench, and walked into the kitchen, she saw the trash pouring, shrimp heads, Fish guts began to decompose dragged out throughout the background. The offense is of course a puppy. Hot blood rises, unable to control anymore, kicking very strong into the puppy. His head hit the wall, only "one" one hour and feet struggled. The Rich was then in the province, trying to roar the cabinet, lying still like paddy. In the mood, it was too tired, so as soon as her husband went home, Hang Sa scolded him a boost, because of the bug About farming. He silently went to the stove scanning the garbage, wiping his house ..
that night, the couple were angry, he bowed to cook and eat alone, and to take a bath, go to the bed with a tight blanket. Falling herself is a small dog, because of naughty but being rock owners for ribs ... woke up, Hang glanced at 12 pm, her husband still didn't go to bed. She saw the lights under the bright, rushing down, ... hitting her eyes, her husband was taking care of her. It is vomiting with a golden bile ... so the couple hurriedly put the car to the pet hospital. People shook and shake their heads, saying: - Tram with a brain injury, while fracturing the ribs, we will do our best, but can only take care of it for less pain, the possibility of saving surgery Not high. - Yes, please do my best. The object is very resilient, after surgery still lives more than 30 hours, causing an over 10 million dong of the Ms. owner. When it "goes", only two tears on the eyelids, but the owner cries like rain of forest, wet all over her husband towels gave me. Every night every night dreamed of the next life as a dog The house is very poor, tyranny with enough types of tires in tiring, tired of being depressed by depression, now the disease now becomes heavy. Many causes, from the stage of food to the wife , from ungustondrous children to blame, finally adding the death of the death of the death, have taken decisions to the hair to go to the temple to go to the temple, which will redeem every mistake he has sown ... hope the next life, she Having a dog is not tortured. According to the village of the village

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