After Noise Statement Of Tran Thanh, Hari Won Revealed Her Parents In Korea Staying At Home Rented

Many audiences do not believe when Hari Won reveals her family in Korea remains at home rented and worried when house prices rise. Hari Won shocked when revealing parents in Korea still at home rent. On the personal page , Hari Won expressed anxiety when the rental price in Korea increased. She wrote: "My family in Korea is still at home rent. Today reading money in the house, the rental house increased

. Reading and tired. "Many audiences suspect and do not believe that the female singer still stay at home hired by Hari Won - Tran Thanh is considered one of the Vietnamese stars possessing a giant property in the showbiz. Fans' questions, Hari Won said that apartments in South Korea are nearly 20 billion dong
"My parents have money, I have a house. The parents who do not have a house are a child who rarely buy the house. Successful business is home. Winning the house. And the people who eat monthly salary are rare opportunities to buy houses "- Hari Won Ly Ly. Before the comments suggested that, Changjiang ever revealed, Tran Thanh - Hari Won bought a house with the US and Housing in West Lake, Why don't buy your parents with a single, the female singer denies and asks the opposite question: "Mr. Jiang jokes that everyone believes. Don't America, where is the Korean house? Yes, I take it to take care of Hari Won's mother in Ms.Hari Won's wedding once shared, she was born and raised in poor families, living in the poorest area in South Korea's Seoul city. The whole family hired a motel in a little room right under the basement of others to stay
The singer said, her parents had to work as a pants all day while she had to take care of her two children. Yet, the poverty still clings them to the obsession. Before that, Hari Won once confessed, despite participating in the showbiz or office, she would be "hard for her choice, to make the wish Purpose to strive: buy a big house to welcome parents to Vietnam in the last time as possible. "

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