After The Ban, Danang People Go To The Early Morning

From the early morning, very crowded people in Da Nang to see the beach to bathe, go for a walk / 00/0: 44 nam south of 4:30 this morning (July 10), Da Nang allows the people to shower backward The prohibition time for prevention and control of Covid-19. This locality shows a disposable time from 4:30 to 8:00 and 16:30 to 19pm daily. People only bathe in regulations and home Do not concentrate on the beach on the beach, wear a mask first and right after bathing ..

. early morning, very crowded people were present at the beaches of Vo Nguyen Giap, Hoang Sa in Son Tra district and Marble. Before going to the bath, everyone is tested for body temperature. Along the functional forest beaches remind people who are not gathered and have to wear a mask when walking
People in Da Nang to swim since the morning of the morning when going to the beach, everyone is tested for body temperature "with many people Da Nang, bathing has become a habit. We are very happy when the city allows people to be bathed back after a long time to execute the ban ", Ms. Thao Vy shares Many people still wearing a mask throughout too Sea bathingMany Small children are taken to the beach to play the people who live wearing a mask when walking on the coast, the functional force is arranged to remind people who are not gathering from the beachfront edge, City People's Committee Nang also allowed exercise and outdoor sports activities and sports activities along the restaurants along the beach that was not allowed to sell back to the armor - Cong Morning

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