After The Love Of The Young Man Who Received The ‘gift Named Death’

Now the unwanted consequences have happened, I have to pay for my wrongdoing. I know I'm sorrying so I recommend myself to calm, bravely accept the truth to persevere the doctor's treatment regimen that self-help me.0: 00/1: 27 narrays illustration: internet Understanding my mood right now, I want to say the words share the misfortune I am suffering, even though I know all the mistakes in the story of the wealthy house and the end of the 'fluffy' for pleasures' hunting love One night 'is because I went on myself. It was blamed but perhaps the person who was regreted, tormented was her parents and sister. Because they are so lovingly loved, because they put all their faith, expecting to go to me and spoil you unconditionally, making me only enrolled instinctively without self-cultivating morality myself

. Now The unwanted fruit happened, I had to pay for my wrong choice. I know I'm sorry so I recommend myself to calm, bravely accept the truth to persevere your doctor's treatment regimen but save yourself. Don't keep with HIV / AIDS disease
, including the mirror that surpasses illnesses to live happy, living with themselves, with families and society has been welcomed and honored by the community, honoring if it is difficult to learn it will be the motivation to help me Living better me. Don't be sad, don't be much disappointed, I am wrong, bravely stood up again. Believe that with youth, with the desire to live, with the love of her father's side, my sister's mother will win. I wish you lucky.

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