Age 40, Why Song Hye Kyo Is Still As Beautiful As A Young Girl?

Among Grade A stars in Korea, Song Hye Kyo stands out by thin white skin like a dew. In particular, she rarely dark makeup but so that natural beauty shines. The presence of Song Hye Kyo in mass culture for the past decade, since 'K-Everything' becomes a key trend , is indisputable. And at the age of 40, Korea's top ladies still own pink white skin like a young woman.Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful actress in the A class in Korea's beauty of Song Hye Kyo, people will Surprising as time forgot her on the road devastating the age of others

. Interestingly, Song Hye Kyo has always been comfortable to be asked about the secret of skin care. Reality, many Asian women, after reading the shares of Song Hye Kyo, immediately follow and give Seeing the right results as expected. Song Hye used a Korean-portal mask, to own a fresh and prostitute face like a young woman, Song Hye Kyo regularly uses homemade masks to help nourish Moisture and brightening skin
Simple wonder she revealed was: Mix a spoon of powdered milk, honey and a chicken egg whites that live together and apply to the face. Leave for 20 minutes before rinseing. Mumble honey whitening eggs are the favorite mask recipe of Song Hye Kyo antioxidant, honey helps moisturize and soothe the skin. The egg white is the same, this ingredient has a natural property to minify pores. Although these two components alone have brought a miracle effect, adding powdered milk will bring a formula to a level due to lactic acid ingredients in milk that will gently peel off the top layers of Da.Song Hye Kyosong Hye Kyo is not afraid to admit it is a 'believer' of ginseng. In her beauty collection indispensable products that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the overall elasticity of Da.Song Hye Kyo share with Lifestyle Asia Singapore: 'I often use Use cream and then the mask. The next morning, when I woke up, my skin was very toned, smooth and healthy. Another actress, the secret to maintaining Song Hye Kyo's beautiful skin is not merely nursing skin
'Besides taking care of the appearance, I also tried to exercise more. I often practice yoga as well as Aerobic exercises. When I have time, I like to run along the Han River. This point, I prioritize exercise, I feel like my skin condition is improved when exercising and sweating ', she shared in one Interview with SCMP Style. See more videos are of interest:

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