Aircraft Carrier Is Still The Most Powerful Combat Means Of America

American media said that the role of the US Navy aircraft carrier is irreplaceable and only nuclear weapons can sink it. According to the American sheet, on the day the US celebrates the 20th anniversary of the terrible crop In September 11, the US Army's strongest weapon to deal with future attacks is still the aircraft carrier. At that time, USS Reagan aircraft carrier, carrying 90 fighters Types, in the Arabian North Sea, close to the Persian Gulf and not far from Afghanistan, to support the American evacuation out of Afghanistan. Under the escort of two warships with navigation missiles, pine Through real-time updates of aerial intelligence information, flagship fighters on Reagan Fleet Aviation, can attack any terrorist provocative action within a few hours. At that time, a carrier Others, Carl Vinson are offering in the East Sea, another area where the US military is most interested in

. It also has 90 fighters that can meet different military activities within a few hours; Remember that these carriers are very close to the potential enemies. Because the actions of the US aircraft carrier are normal deployment activities, they rarely attract the attention of the media big. But the military role, which the carrier team gives the US military and allies, not too rare
In any conflict in the nuclear war, 11 carriers run by American nuclear energy, is still the most dangerous weapon system so far. In fact, their damage to the extent is so strong that they can destroy hundreds of goals every day. So the carrier may have done more things than any military equipment Every other in the history of the United States. With the following five traits, it will explain why the carriers such as Reagan or Carl Vinson, indispensable in the US national strategy. First, the US aircraft carrier is actually a air base Floating on the sea, capable of journey to anywhere at a rate of over 1,000 km per day. On an aircraft carrier consisting of 9 flying squadrons, including fighters, electronic combat, early warning, transport and different types of helicopters. The main cruisers of the US dramatic aircraft is F / A-18E / F Super Hornet; This is the most successful flagship fighter ever built. It can correct 9 tons of weapons, into the target on the set or in the sea 600 km away, while sweeping the surrounding area. In the future, fighter fighter F-35C with soy sauce Self will replace Super Hornet; F-35C has a further range and stealth features. E / A-18G electronic combat aircraft may process the enemy's most advanced communication and radar system; While E-2D early warning aircraft can track hundreds of enemy planes at a distance
New Ford airport, is the inheritance of Nimitz class, which increases the number of aircraft can be exported Every day up to one third, with a turn to 270 times of arrest. Each combat powerful aircraft can carry many precise navigation weapons, owning unparalleled combat. Monday, self-lengthy power. Unlike other warships, carriers run by nuclear energy with large weapons. Nimitz and Ford-class aircraft carriers can fight at fierce battlefields for several months. Nuclear energy-powered motors can help with aircraft to offshore continuously, giant stores on board can Bring 1.4 million kg of aviation fuel and different ammunition, ammunition. The carrier a day can produce 1.5 million liters of freshwater from seawater, ensuring 18,000 meals for sailors and operating continuously for 90 days. If weapons and fuels are exhausted, the train Flying can quickly exit the combat area, supplement weapons, aviation fuel on the sea, then quickly restore the ability to combat. In order to meet the most emergency supplemental needs of the carrier, the use of V-22 flip impeller aircraft, which can be more advanced than likes. Thirdly, the ability to survive strongly. Some people believe that the US aircraft carrier is 330m long and 20 floors, so it is vulnerable to attack. In fact, the situation is quite the opposite, when the US super carrier has a large protective armor and hundreds of watertight compartments, only nuclear weapons can sink it. This caused the carrier to become the most likely survivory boat in the world. Before the aircraft locked by the aircraft carrier, it was necessary to find the position of the carrier, but this is not a problem Simple, because the carrier constantly moves. In addition to the aircraft fighter on the carrier, there is also the defensive weapons system of the aircraft carrier boundary equipped with Aegis combat system, with the most advanced air defense and air defense system. private, versatile. Aircraft operating on carriers are inherently a multi-purpose aircraft. These aircraft can be used to attack different goals on the set and battleships

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