Aircraft Of Taiwan Army Massively Walk-landing On The Highway

Taiwanese aircraft have been stored / landed on a high-speed exercise in the 15th of 9.Theo news agency Reuters, three muscle battles including F-17 Mirage (produced by France), Lightweight Fighter Ching-kuo (Taiwan's) and early warning aircraft E2 Hawkeye (by the US Production) - Performing / landing on the high-speed section in Binh Dong district, Southern Taiwan Island. Attending the training, witnessing the fighters show skill, Ms. Thai Anh Van shared via Facbook account: "Excellent combat skills, such fast and realistic actions have been forged in too. Serious training daily

. This is a testament to show the confidence of the Defense Force in Taiwan in the task of protecting the sky ". E2 early warning aircraft Hawkeye take off from the highway in Binh Winter. Photos - AFP Taiwan has 5 highways that can be converted into an emergency runway, allowing the above defense forces to maintain continuous operation if the island is attacked, losing strategic bases
This high-speed section is specially flat and straightened so that can be quickly used as runways. Mirage scores take off from an emergency runway. Photo - Afppppppppppppppppps is in a 1-week Han Quang exercise, taking place across Taiwan Island with a lot of content to improve anti-aggression capacity, protect important infrastructure, activities in the night. Tran (according to Reuters)

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