All Easy-to-eat Fruits, Easy To Buy, Eat Back Helps Skin Beautiful

Eating fruits to help beautify skin, is a double job for sisters.0: 00/1: 37 Southern souples are rich in lycopene, can fight UV rays harmful to the skin. Studies have shown that tomatoes easier to absorb Lycopene when cooked with oil. Unakured tomatoes are rich in vitamins and help inhibit melanin's formation. In other words, whether eating or cooking will help lighten the skin very much

. Dao Anh Dao is rich in nutrients and contains higher than apples and pears. Eating many cherries can make white pink skin, skin texture also become more smooth. Climbing climbing vitamins and fiber, vitamin C can eliminate excess melanin from the body, while Fiber can help excrete excess toxic substances from the body and have laxative effects
Lycopene and vitamin C, A, not only reduce the harmful effects of UV rays for the skin but also Help recover, moisturize and fight aging. You should drink watermelon juice right after a meal. Studies have shown that oleol in food can help release lycopene in watermelon. But avocado is definitely beauty gods, including lutein and zeaxanthin, carotene, vitamin C and E, can resist the Free radicals created by ultraviolet rays, reduce melanin production and help delay the aging process. In addition, avocado also has to reduce edema, very rich in fat and fiber, feeling no longer. Apples have a high nutritional value, eating apples very well for beauty, moisturizing elements and moisturizes Moisturizing in apples can help skin hydrated. Fruit acid in its composition has more anti-acne effects.Moon / according to ettoday

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