Alone To Go To The United States To Make Strawberry, The Famous 8x Female Writer ‘hit The Number’ With A Dreamlike Husband

Iris high - Female Vietnamese writer is famous for their lovely readers, currently has a dreamlike marriage with Western husband on USA.0: 00/3: 27 high namiris (real name is Cao Bich Thuy) , Being a penorbent pen writing about the journey of youth experience is loved by a lot of friends. After marriage with the Western husband in 2017, she left Vietnam to the US to settle down, started a safe life, idyllicating. Keeping the freely inherent wealth, Iris High "Blood of fire" is ready to pierced America gives satisfying life experience, adding color for marriage life. In particular, when the family welcomes more members, the life is more complete, Ideal

.Iris is high and Western husband. New here, in the chat program with Milk Mother's mother, Iris high has spent on pregnancy , Dramatic childhood like a film and facing dangerous diseases with every mother of diapers - postpartum depression. Women writer also proudly talked about the real reaction of the Western husband and his psychological care helped her overcome all
Before that, despite preparing psychology, planning for a thoughtful childbirth , but the pregnant and childbreed journey of a high Iris writer still faces many difficulties: 9 months of 10 days, vomiting for less than 10 times a day, down 10 kg ... when she has exceeded the date of birth and female The writer suddenly fell into a dangerous situation thousands of weight hanging hair: "One morning I woke up, saw 'blood dyed in Shanghai'. I panicked, but to the hospital have not opened the cylect, the two spouses come back. In the afternoon, I got into pain, but the doctor was not yet to go to the hospital that caught at home standing under the hot water for another 30 minutes. When I entered my birth control room, my husband was afraid of blood to tell the nurse when his wife was born, and he told him the corner of the room, he fainted. When he was born as another nurse that supported, calling her husband to hold my feet, he kept herself too too faintly. After he said: 'It's not because of love that you leave, "Iris high repeated. The writer has experienced the period of crisis after birth
Fortunately," small angel " Healthy, peaceful. The thought was a higher writer, Iris would be the more emotional emotions when he heard the cry was born, or in the first time the skin with his skin. But it seemed that the sacred feeling of her mother was still too faint with the writer, making her almost not feeling those intense emotions like many other mothers. Plus a non-US relative to support, guiding the couple to take care of her first, many difficulties rushed to make Iris higher the pressure and stress. And what nobody wishes to happen, she has suffered severe depression for severeness, raw from the sound of milking machine. "By the second month, I was depressed after birth, must go to the mind doctor Ly and treatment within 6 months. The depression comes from the milk pump, eating the sound of the machine as a spirit that almost falls into the deep pool. I still remember that day telling her husband I want to leave the forest to go forever forever, I see I have a problem, the next day to make an appointment with the doctor, "she recounted. Through the crisis thanks to the support of her husband. After the time of tutoring treatment, plus the accompanying the husband and the psychological husband, Iris high revived the spirit, regaining positive energy sources. During the journey to practice mother, Iris has always feel lucky and a little proud of his psychological and thoughtful partner who has accompanied her in every small moment, helping her forget alone in people , and the pressure when she first received a big celestial arma - I am very grateful for her husband even a very lout, faint, but the picture didn't miss me timely. I am very lucky to find a companion to my husband. Even the stretch marks my stomach also said the stretch marks on the woman was the most beautiful tattoo. Thank you for being a great husband, father ", Iris Cao Tam.

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