Although Pregnant Hot Girl Rich Kid Viet Village Is Still Beautiful

Hot girl Village Rich Kid Viet is a successful Trinh Hoang in showing off beautiful beauty despite being pregnant. Trinh Hoang (Hoang Tuyet Trinh) is one of the hot girls in the Rich Kid Vietnamese Association. Thanh Tu, a lovely shape, Hot girl Trinh Hoang also has a dreamlike life that makes everyone admire, even after the marriage. Pregnancy is pregnant with many people, the beauty of the female Rich Kid is praised by the body because the body is neat, healthy, even gourd is quite big. Excessive air and the gods of the rich kid Damn it didn't diminish it too much compared to the previous daughter

. It was noticed, the focal point was the branded items used while shaping. Can see, the Rich Kid succeeded in being Show off beautiful beauty and demonstrate my rich house level. To the virgin, everyone knows she is Rich Kid family Going to the US newspaper thanks to the life of the dream in the dream
The Trinh Hoang is Jay Tran - an entrepreneur in the US and is often mentioned with Rich Kid's name. February 2019, both officially "about Choing a house "after the extremely spectacular and luxurious weddings. From it until now, the two are constantly causing the network to jealously jealous of the happy life, overflowing with brands and trips. She was born in 1993 to own the gods to go to the last, modern beauty and appeal by gentle pink skin. Especially more, the beauty and physique of Trinh Hoang are increasingly sharper and charming. Photo: Ignv Readers View Video: Life of Women's Women's Ai Generation Rich Kid Vietnam makes people overwhelmed - Source: Yan Newsh

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