Although The Literally Gave Birth To A Child, Why Did His Mother Still Not Accept His Daughter-in-law?

The stars of Sy Luan did not accept their daughter-in-law despite two people who had loved each other for a long time that the audience was extremely wondered. It's not a name too eaten the audience and received a lot of sympathy of the audience. The singer, a gentle musician once met the most declined accident and after recovering, he was very hard to volunteer to help people. However, Sy Luan's private life was not very quiet. From years ago, when Sy Luan had Phuong Thao girlfriend, his family did not support this relationship

. Everything is tense to the two people who are farewell, Phuong Thao do not want to because she who is dumbfounded. When the couple decides to live together and gave birth to the first child, the mother's mother and she still did not accept the daughter-in-law. Talking about this, the male singer's wife used to confide: "I hope that there is one day and she understands each other to create a happy family
I hope you forgive me about the sayings of mother pain heart. I am grateful and apologize for my mother ". He didn't force himself to find a way to connect his mother and wife and did not force his two important women to be intended. Sy Luan knew that his mother was not happy with his daughter-in-law but it was a decision of Sy Luan so she didn't intervene. On the contrary, Sy Luan also respects his mother's thoughts. I heard the confidences of Sy Luan, many people admired his mature and calm thoughts. Because not everyone can see things calmly and gently like that.

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