Always Compliment Your Help, I ‘die’ When I Caught Your Embarrassing Job

Just opening the door, I was stunned when I saw Uncle Help in my room.Hai this year, I trusted all the housekeeping for my help. I trade outside the market, go early at night so there is no time for the family. Fortunately, I helped my house very honest, guaranteed. At first, I tried it by letting money wild in the house and she all put in a place and paid me

. I count again, don't lose a companion. If you are dexterally, I have a reside, I gave it to that. At the end of the month, I also enjoyed money
Thinking I lived like that, I would help my whole lottery. I suspected yesterday, I got home soon because to forget the wallet in the cupboard. Often I will leave the house at 5 am and go home at 8pm. Rushing, I went straight to the floor and opened the door. The scene in front of me is stunned. The help is looking for a way to open my safe. Around everything mess out. Maybe he wanted to find the key. I told it to make it out of my room. Thuan, I hired the camera to install the camera all over the house
Uncle helped work, feared, not daring to look directly at my face. Husband talking to me for hiring others, but I don't want to know because you're known, neat me. But I don't trust it anymore. Should I call my help again, say frankly once for him to give up the thoughts not right? (Thanhmy ... @ according to

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