Amateur Astronauts Returned To Safety After Flight Into Earth Orbit

Group 4 amateur astronauts participated in the flight into the universe with the cable-Xun of SPACEX who had just landed on the Sea Florida sea surface, completing a 3-day mission and marking a milestone of the universe tourism industry. Private 9: 00/2: 57 Nou southernland-Xun landed on the sea on September 18. (Photo: SPACEX) Cable-Xun of Spacex named Resilience landed on the sea with even before the sunset on September 18, after a safe Earth's re-entry. SPACEX reports this process directly on the YouTube channel. Only within 1 hour, all 4 people in the flying group are smiling in turn from the cable-Xun, when the outer shell of the compartment has been burned and okay Crane on the ship deck of Spacex

. The explorer group stood in front of the cable-Xun and raised his finger before the lens. They were tested by the health team right on board. After that, the group was helicoptered back to Cape Canaveral to meet relatives, SPACEX said
Spacex, the company owned by the owner of Tesla Elon Musk, is the supplier and launches the ship from headquarters The company's company in Los Angeles and handled the entire process of traveling groups. They returned to the ground after the cable-xun suffered a temperature of up to 1,927 degrees Celsius when entering the Earth atmosphere. The flying costume of the astronaut group is equipped with a special ventilation system, helping them remain cool when the cabin warms up. Applause rangs at the SpaceX's flight control center in a suburb of Los Angeles when these The first parachute unpacked, reduced the speed of the cable to about 24km / hour before landing on the sea. The astronaut group shouted again as she stepped onto the vessel to salvage. A group member was Hayely Arceneaux, 29, assistant at the St. Pediatric Research Center. Jude in Tennessee. As the one who survived a small bone cancer, she became the youngest once on earth orbit during the expedition called Inspiration4 this time. The people walking with her including geologist and former Nasa Sian Proctor, 51-year-old astronaut candidate; Aerospace data engineer and Chris Sembroski Air Force, 42 years old; and 38-year-old billionaire Jared Isaacman
Daddress Inspiration4 Fly on September 15 from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral by cable-Xun is spacex's Falconic 9-Falconic engine pushed up. Join the new universe of the billionaire Musk and become a jump compared to competitors, opening a whole new field to serve rich customers, ready to spend a large amount of money to Experience the feeling of universe. Only within 3 hours, the astronaut group was taken to a height of 585km, higher than the International Space Station or Hubble Telescope, and the highest level since the show NASA's Apollo moon explorer ended in 1972. "It's a great trip to us. We just started, "Isaacman, Executive Director of Shift4 Payments e-commerce, saying from the cable-Xun when he or she just on the sea. Not clear how much Isaacman pays for this trip but certainly small. Magazine Time estimates the figure of 200 million USD for 4 seats. Jiangtheo Reuters

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