Amazing Country Superpower Chess, Has The Most “genuine ‘alphabet Tg

As superpower chess, ancient country, where the most advanced alphabet in the world ... is interesting things about Armenia, a small country located on the intersection between Europe and Asia.armenia As an ancient country: Armenia is one of the oldest 6 countries that existed for thousands of years

. The name Armenia was first mentioned in the draft of King Dari I's Behistun in 520 BC. The first church in the world was built in Armenia: Echmiadzin church was built in century IV. Great Apporant Gregory dreamed of dreaming of Christmas from the sky with a flaming hammer in his hand and showed him the position to build churches
After that, the church was founded, named Echmiadzin. Since 2000, the church is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The oldest city in the world: Yerevan, the city of Armenia is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded in 782 BC because King Argishti I. In 2018, Yerevan celebrated the 2800th anniversary of its founding. The most advanced Armenian alphabet in the world: Armenian alphabet was created In 405-406 AD BC because a scholar and monk named Mesrop Mashtots. Scientists consider the Armenian alphabet as one of the three most advanced alphabets in the world, along with the alphabet of Georgia and South Korea. Huong's incense of Europe (Apricot): Arabian geographers IBN AL-FAQIH in "Books of countries" (903) mentioned Armenia's dream under the name of its Armenia "Tsiran" and calls it "Armenian fruits". The famous textbook: the book The world's first department on arithmetic problems was created by an Armenian mathematician, David the Invincible in the microscope. A sample of this book is stored at the Matenadaran library - the ancient manuscript institute is named after the unique cake Mesrop Masrop Mashtots
Nmy: In 2014, Armenia's Lavash cake was included in the UNESCO list Intangible cultural products. Lavash has the main material of powder, water and salt. The worker will "dance powder" to create thin, flat and smooth cakes. The world's oldest winery of the world: The location of the world's oldest winery more than six thousand years ago was found at Areni village, located on the banks of the ARPA river. Scientists believe that grape varieties use wine in Armenia 6000 years ago is the ancestor of the famous Pinot Noir variety. Brandy Armenia (Cognac): Strong Armenia - A famous drink is respected on Around the world. Cognac's manufacturing industry was started in 1887.Sieu Chess Chess: Chess was known in Armenia from the IXth century. Since 2011, starting from the first class, students have learned chess in schools as a compulsory subject. Armenia wishes its teaching methods to become one of the best countries in the world. KSOrov conservation: This is one of the earliest protected areas in the world. Khotrov conservation area is proud of its unique Asian and European flora and animals. King Khosrov III (ruling from 330 to 339) has built this reserve. Famous Garni Garni: Garni Gorge with beautiful vertical cliffs and unique Bazan polygonal columns are wallet "assigned enjoy stone ". Looking from afar, the cliffs are truly like a giant pacifier. The readers watching videos: thinking to be 'looking at', the youth group carries the pig to launch pigs, gas bombs go to the war. Source: VTV24.Thu Ha (TH)

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