Amazingly 3 Great Inventions Were Born Thanks To The Incident

In human history, some scientists, experts have made great inventions born from accidental incidents. As a result, human life has big changes. Penicillin is one of the greatest inventions in human history. This invention was born thanks to an incident of the British scientist Alexander Fleming. Specifically, in one day in 1928, Fleming scientist forgot to clean the research instrument before holiday a few days

. When he returned to the laboratory, he noticed a lot of bacteria and molds on forgotten tools. Article made the Fleming scientist more noticed than having some areas where bacteria and mold did not grow. From here, he thought something killed beams
Therefore, he performed many experiments on Merchants. Thanks this flagship, Fleming scientists gradually achieved success in finding Penicillin - the first antibiotics of humanity. Learning Fleming, researcher Wihelm Conord Roentgen has a patent for life thanks to an incident. He invented X-rays widely used in many areas, especially medicine. But, not everyone knows how Wihelm researchers find a XA. According to his share, his wife Anna Bertha Roentgen had a great job in helping him get an important invention. This comes from the fact that Anna not only prepares meals for her husband but also willing to help him when Need people to help research activities. Then, during a test in 1895, Mr. Wihelm detected X-rays is the electromagnetic waves that work similar to the visible light (located in the area where the eye can See) but at a wavelile is about 1,000 times shorter. After replacing the fluorescent curtain with photo paper, he asked his wife to raise the handbag of X-rays
Then, the finger bones, even the ring of Anna clearly appears on photo paper . As a result, Mr. Wihelm succeeded in finding X-rays. This patent helps him to win the 1901 Physical Nobel Award. Microwave is the important invention of Percy Spencer. He incidently came up with the idea of patting the microwave thanks to an incident. Specifically, in 1945, he conducted Magnetron tests - an energy zipper for electric radar devices for Raytheon Company. In the process of checking, Mr. Spencer suddenly found the candy bar in melting pants pocket When contacting the machine he was studying. Then, Mr. Spencer tried the corn particles as experiments. He could not expect that corn particles placed in the machine to create popcorn. As a result, he continues to pursue this study and invented a widely used microwave oven in the world for many years. Readers watching videos: What will the world be like if the plastic is not invented? . Source: zing.gam Anh (according to LS)

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