Amazingly Amazing Nuclear Cruisers Of The Us Navy

Besides the atomic carrier, in the past the US Navy has operated the following nuclear cruisers. Long Beach (CGN-9) is the first nuclear cruiser of the US Navy and above The world, it is also the only class of this class was built. Long Beach is the last US Navy warship designed as a true cruiser, and after other cruisers are set The re-based body frame of the destroyer of Long Beach is started on December 2, 1957; Lower July 14, 1959; At the payroll 9/9/1961 and was departed on May 1, 1995. The most noticeable point in Long Beach is the upper part with a special shape of a square shape, not "touching". The equipment is equipped with a double launcher to launch the fleet of non-talos; 2 ray doubling rim-2 terrier rocket; 2 seats 127 mm and 6 Rocket anti-underground Rocket RUR-5 ASROC; After the ship was added 8 RGM-84 harpoon missiles

. The driving force system of the ship includes 2 C1W Westinghouse nuclear engines with a capacity of 80,000 SHP for maximum speed of 32.5 nautical miles / h, range Unlimited dynamic, very large crew, up to 1,100 people. The basic nuclear nucleus USS Long Beach: Length 219
84 m; Width 22.33 m; draft 9.4 m; Filled water relaxation 15,025 tons.Tuang nuclear nuclear nuclear nuclear controller Trextun (CGN-35) is a class of cruisers carrying normal control rocket Belknap (CG-26) .uss truxtun As the first and also the only one of this ship, CGN-35 was launched on June 17, 1963, officially on the payroll December 19, 1964 and was departed on September 11, 1995. length 172 m; 18 m width; Dry 9.3 m; The amount of water relax is full of 8,659 tons. The busy system of the ship consists of 2 water-resistive nuclear reactors with a capacity of 70,000 horsepower for a maximum speed of 31 nautical miles / h; Unlimited range. The electronic system of CGN-35 includes Radar looking for water surface AN / SPS-10, Radar reconnaissance targeted radar / SPS-40; 3D AN / SPS-48 landscape radar; RADAR AN / SPG 55 fire control and SONAR AN / SQS-26. Gas includes a 127 mm MK-42 cannon; 1 RAY Different Type MK-10 Mod 8 to launch Rocket against Standard ER and ASROC anti-underground missiles, with all 60 missiles This type is available on blank loading prices; 4 Torpedo MK 32; 8 missiles harpoon; 2 cannon shot Quick Phalanx
Nang Nang Native Nuclear Bring the California class controller is the following generation of CGN-35 Trextun. There are all two types that are closed in the period 1970 to 1974 including USS California (CGN-36) and USS South Carolina (CGN-37) .CGN-36 was launched January 23, 1970, officially entering the operation Dynamic February 16, 1974 and the type of margin July 9, 1999. Meanwhile its sisters - the CGN-37 South Carolina launched December 1, 1970, on the payrel of January 25, 1975 and stopped working on July 30, 1999.NuNang California class nuclear fleet 179 m long; 19 m width; Dryness 9.6 m; The amount of water relax is full of 10,800 tons. The ship is equipped with 2 GENERAL ELECTRIC D2G nuclear reactors with a capacity of 60,000 SHP (45,000 kW) for a maximum speed of 30 knots / h; Unlimited range. On the ship with 3D AN / SPS-48E and AN / SPS-49 2D / SPS-49 2D radars; surface reconnaissance radar / SPS-55; Radar Radio control Rocket AN / SPG-51, Radar Control fireworks MK 48 with AN / SPG-60; SONAR AN / SQS-26; Comes with a versatile radar while reconnaissance and control of AN / SPQ-9. Fire, including a 127 mm MK 45 cannon; 1 ray launched MK 13 to shoot RIM-66D Standard missile; 2 MK 141 launchers with 8 anti-flagship cruise missiles Harpoon; 1 Rocket launcher against underground ASROC; 6 MK 46 torpedo pipes and 2 pole defense systems near Phalanx.Virginia (CGN-38) are the final nuclear cruisers of the US Navy consisting of all 4 ships closed in the period 1972 - 1980 and operate in 1976 to 1998.Theo plans will have 11 classes of this class are closed but actually only 4 units include USS Virginia (CGN-38); USS Texas (CGN-39); USS Mississippi (CGN-40) and USS Arkansas (CGN-41), 4 ships on a term of service only from 15.3 to 19 years. This is a short period of time of energy-running battleships Nuclear, the main reason is that their operating costs are too high. According to the price of 1996, CGN-38 lost $ 40 million for 1 year operating costs, while Ticonderoga was 28 million and Arleigh Burke was only 20 million USD. In addition, the use of MK 13 launches to make the ship with no multi-generation battleships after using the upright launch pads MK 41.Tuang Duong Virginia class is 179 m long; 19 m width; 10 m water draft; The amount of water filled with 11,666 tons. The two General Electric D2G nuclear reactors are similar on CGN-36 with a capacity of 60,000 SHP (45,000 kW) for a maximum speed of 30 knots / h; Unlimited range. The electronic system of CGN-38 includes a landscape radar in no 3D AN / SPS-48E and AN / SPS-49 2D; AN / SPS-55 surface radar; Radar control fire missiles AN / SPG 51, Radar control firecrackers AN / SPQ-9A and AN / SPG-60; SONAR AN / SQS-26; AN / SQL-32 electronic combat system, A

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