Amazingly Incredible Landscape In ‘rainbow 7-sharp Lands’

'Rainbow 7 lands' - sounds like a place in fairy but turns out it is real. Seven Coloured Earth is located near the village of Chamarel, Mauritius Nationwide, Southwest Indian Ocean known by The soil and sand dunes with unique colors: reddish, purple, green, blue, purple and yellow. (Photo: Chamarel 7 Colored Earth Geopark) The seven-colored sand dunes are on the edge of the famous Chamarel village that is often like a jewel attached to the crown of Mauritius island. Seven Colored Earth has an area of only about 7,500 square meters including many sand dunes with color strips like seven rainbow colors. (Photo: Must See Spots)

. Strange strange, the color of the color that colored that colored in different classes looks no different from the winding silk bands. Even if tourists pick up a grip of sand on their hands, a few minutes after the grasp will separate themselves into their own colors. (Photo: Afro Tourism)
To create this colorful sand dunes, naturally takes tens of millennia. The first is a volcanic basalt stone gradually turned into clay after a process longer than 3 centuries. After that, seawater and wind waves make clay crumbled into a mixture of silica, iron and aluminum sand. Main iron and aluminum experiencing oxidative reactions have created red, green and yellow sand, then these three-colored sand colors mix together to create other colors. (Photo: Popsugar) .Tuy has shown the color origin of sand, scientists still cannot explain: How can Cat can divide themselves into different colors? And, on a windy island and waves like Mauritius, why do sand dunes still exist over the centuries without being swept away? While scientists are headaches finding explanations, every year still has more than 6,000 visitors to explore the seven-colored sand dunes here. (Photo: Winged Boots). Curcribed for a thousands of years, the beauty of the land is still like pristine despite weather, rain, erosion. The people here are extremely proud, proud of living next to the 7-color land because they believe that this place has been a place of fairy. (Photo: Twitter)
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