America Annipes 23 Chinese Companies Into ‘blacklist’

Weird 23 Chinese companies on the entities list with relating to related human rights issues in Xinjiang and have a relationship with the Chinese military.0: 00/2: 59 South China South China Morning Post Newsletter The US President Joe Biden on July 9, added 23 Chinese companies to commercial blacklists, accused 14 related companies of human rights in Xinjiang area, the company has Relations with Chinese military and four other companies have business relationships with previously punished companies. This is Washington's latest move aimed at Beijing related human rights situation in Tan Chinese troops and military construction activities, are considered a threat to the global stability of the United States. In addition to 23 Chinese companies into 'blacklist'. Photo: Reuters American trade minister Gina Raimondo on July 9 said: "The Ministry of Trade is still committed to resolutely performing strong and definitive actions to enter entities related to human rights situation in Xinjiang or history US technology to promote military modernization efforts is causing China's instability

. "" We will continue to use strong export control measures to force governments and public Ty and individuals are responsible for "- Ms. Raimondo said. Chinese companies are accused of related human rights issues in Xinjiang including Xinjiang Information Technology Company Beidou Tongchuang; China Institute of Electronics and IT; Suzhou Keda Technology Company; Xinjiang Lianhai Chuangzhi IT Company; Shenzhen Cobber IT Company; Sailing Xinjiang IT Company; IT company Beijing Geling Shentong; Shenzhen Hua'antai Intelligent Technology Company; And Chengdu Xiwu Security System Alliance
In addition to the entities on the "Entity List" of the Ministry of Trade, which will ban US businesses to sell goods and equipment for these entities . American trade Ministry said entities "relevant to human rights violations and abuse in the implementation of oppressive campaigns, mass detention and high-tech supervision of Chinese people Atrophy, Kazakhstan and other Members of Muslim minority groups "in Xinjiang. China, including Hangzhou Huan Microelectronics Company and Kyland Technology Company. The company is supposed to be supporting "Laser Related Military Modern Programs and Commanding Programs and Operating Automation War (C4ISR) "of China. Before that, President Biden on 3-6 signed an executive order to bring a total 59 Chinese companies into "blacklist" punishment, accordingly prohibiting these entities to receive investment sources from the US. According to the new executive order, the US Department of Finance will enforce and update "on the basis Rotate "New ban list for 59 Chinese companies, which prohibits public stock trading activities involved in the above entities. This prohibition will prevent US investment in the public complex China's military and military as well as the country's military research and development programs. The above thing is part of Biden's more open steps to deal with China, including consolidation American allians and promoting large domestic investments to enhance the competitiveness of the US economy, in the context of US-China relations are becoming more and more competitive.

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