America Leaves More Than 2,000 Military Vehicles In Afghanistan

According to statistics from Oryx Blog, majority of vehicles in the Taliban seized the Humvee SUVs and pickup Ford Ranger specializes recent dung.Hoi February, more than 600 new MPV US provides military Afghan team. Photo: Afghan MoDThong show that, after the Taliban advance and regain control of Afghanistan, many US military weaponry was left. Of these, more than 2,000 kinds of military vehicles are defined fell to rebel forces from Oryx Statistical day.Theo Blog, majority of vehicles being Taliban seized the Humvee SUVs and pickups Ford dedicated Ranger, and has about 1,500 intact after the fight and can use duoc

.Xep then military trucks Navistar International 7000-series and 8000-series with more than 300 units. There are also several dozen armored M1117 ASV with a number of tanks T-54/55 and T-62.Duoc know, in addition to military vehicles, the Taliban also took over many other weapons on the road march on Kabul of Afghanistan
List recorded with unmanned aircraft, flak ... Ha Linh (TH)

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