America Left The Possibility That Soldiers Can Stay Afghanistan After 31-8 Terms

According to the US government, there are currently about 4,500 American soldiers in Kabul and between American soldiers and the Taliban without any causing moves of instance.02: 00/2: 22 years of the American Soldiers to protect the US Security Ninh at the US Embassy in the capital of Afghanistan's Kabul. Photo: AFP / VNA US soldiers can stay Afghanistan after the deadline on August 31 to proceed with the evacuation of citizens. The first father is given by US President Joe Biden in August 18 Answer interview with ABC News in the context of many MPs of this country put pressure on the authority to extend the deadline of 31-8. The Biden President stated: "If I have a US citizen, we will stay Until we evacuated everyone

. "In the context of many reviews criticized the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, follow the chaotic scene in and around Kabul airport, President Biden protected decision His determination, confirming this issue inevitable when the United States ends the intervention has lasted 20 years in Southwest Asia. Biden said that the Taliban is currently cooperating to evacuate American citizens from Afghanistan , but admitted to having some difficulties in evacuating local people working for the US. On the day, a White House official said President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and national security officials discussed measures to accelerate the evacuation of American people and refugees from Afghanistan
According to the US government, there are about 4,500 US soldiers in Kabul And in the middle of American soldiers and the Taliban do not have any causes of aggression. Besides, the US also said it is still opening contact lines between the country with the Taliban commander. In the same state Korean delivery announces the second deputy diplomatic of this country Choi Jong-moon attended the online conference with the co-level people from the US and 18 other countries to discuss the issue of cooperation related to the situation. In Afghanistan.Theo above, at the conference chaired by US Deputy Foreign Affairs Wendy Sherman, the majority of participants would share the views on closer cooperation to ensure peace restoration In Afghanistan and evacuation of citizen safety of these countries. In the number of countries attending the online conference with Canada, Japan, A Ustralia, India, England, Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy. Korea temporarily closed the Embassy in Kabul and evacuated all citizens, as well as the country's diplomatic staff to areas Safety spots outside Afghanistan.Trade Saudi Arabia Faisal Bin Farhan Al Saud has also interrogated with Antony Blinken copper for progress in Afghanistan.Theo TTXVN

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