America Needs Japan, Korea In The Technology War With China

Former Google CEO, Mr. Eric Schmidt warned without strong cooperation with 2 Japanese and Korean allies, the United States was hard to win in the technology war with China.0: 00/1: 49 domain Nanong Schmidt stopped holding the position of Google CEO in 2018. A year later he was nominated as the Chairman of the National Security Committee for artificial intelligence (NSCAI) .NScai is an independent unit who has just announced the report Calling America Action to maintain China's leading position in artificial intelligence in the coming decade, avoiding the risk of becoming vulnerable to a series of threats from artificial intelligence of state entities Africa

. Interview with the Nikkei Asian Review, former CEO Schmidt said China is approaching the US in certain areas such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing with faster progressive speed His estimate for a few years. "This is really a big problem," said former CEO Schmidt expressed concern. He affirmed that the United States must lead the strategic areas (artificial intelligence, semiconductor, energy, quantum computing, biology synthesis)
According to him, "we need a closer relationship With a team of Japanese researchers, with the Japanese university system, the Japanese government. With South Korea and Europe, so do CEO (CEO) Google Eric Schmidt - Photo: REUTERSCEU CEO SCHMIDT asks countries to refer to the communication coordination group regularly, build the agreement needed for operation co-operate. He also supports "Quad the diamonds" (Quad) to make a mechanism to create conditions for 4 US members, Japan, India, Australia to dialog into each other instead of organizing meetings. The semiconductor - the main front of the technology war, he pointed out the fact that both the US (and China) were dependent in Taiwan. In the US territory despite a few semiconductor factories but they do not own the most advanced technology. TSMC (Taiwan) is the largest chip manufacturer in the world today, Samsung (Korea) is also a unit worthwhile. forms but are underestimated, according to former CEO Schmidt.

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