America Reveals Israeli Attacking Iranian Hackers

Hackers have attacked the silum system for Iran's low-end income in late October. According to the source, the two unnamed US defense officials, The New York Times said that Israel was behind the news attack Hackers aimed at Iran's fuel system, paralyzing the water stations of the country at the end of October. Number 64411 appears on the display of fuel subsidy card in Iran. October 26, the directions Iranian media massively reporting about the new network attack on the water supply system of this country. The series of gas stations has been condemned after the Iranian Government fuel subsidy management system It is necessary to close the traffic jam and trading activities affected

. The news of Isna is reported that many people try to buy fuel by the Iranian Government, but only receive a notice of "network attack 64411 ". This is the phone number that communicates with the office of the supreme leader Iran.Herly Iranians rely on government subsidies to get fuel, especially in the context of the country's economy in many difficulties The Abolhassan Firoozabadi, the secretary of Iran's supreme network space, said he believed that the incident was due to a network attack from abroad but said it was too early to know who stood behind the attack
To respond to the attack aimed at Iran, a retaliatory campaign has been deployed a few days later aimed at an Israeli medical facility and a dating site, which Tel Aviv claims to be due to the Special tasks in Tehran. At the top of the country's Internet Association, Yoram Hacohen, describing the information obtained from the network attack on Israel, is "one of the most serious attacks on privacy" The country has witnessed. The stolen data from Israeli citizens was then leaked on Telegram by a group that the Tel Aviv officials said they were working for the Iranian government or have a shares related to the Iranian government. The country does not recognize network attacks.Hai Lam

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