America Tried Ballistic Missiles From The Submarine Between The Australia ‘stabbed “

The US Navy successfully tested two ballistic missiles from the Trident II D5LE submarine between the controversy of the Military Alliance Agreement involved, helping to equip Australia of nuclear submarines. Report RT reported, the test took place off Cast Canaveral, Florida, USA this week. D5LE missiles are launched from USS Wyoming, a ballistic missile by Ohio nuclear energy, which has been put into operation since 1996 and has recently undergone a technology overhaul and continues Fuel. Images of trident II D5LE ballistic missiles from USS Wyoming submarine published by the US Navy date 18 / 9. In that, D5LE is the latest version that extends the latest life of Trident II missile Ants will be used until 2042

. According to Vice Admiral Johnny R. Wolfe, the test is within the framework of demonstration and defending campaigns, designed for American people, allies and opponents to see "Unprecedented reliability of the country's ability to deterriar with the sea" of the country. "The longevity missiles - Trident II (D5LE) is being paid for the fleet and during the service period It will be equipped with American Ohio-class ballistic missiles as well as his Vanguard class, "said US Navy's announcement
America and England shared Trident technology. The two countries have recently committed to helping Australia get this technology to build a nuclear energy submarine fleet. Although still to see CANBERRA will eventually receive any submarine, all parties affirm that they will not be equipped with a nuclear weapon. The American ballistic missile testing in the middle of the world Minh military newly established in the country with Britain and Australia (Aukus) is causing unprecedented diplomatic conflicts and stresses with France, an ally of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO). Controversy originating from Australia suddenly announcing canceling a regular submissions contract, worth up to $ 90 billion with France after the declaration of the birth of Aukus at night 14 / 9. The French leader Le Drian called this "The knife stabbed behind her back". The French government summoned Ambassadors in Washington and Canberra on the consultation country, the reinforcement of the "unacceptable behavior" by the US, England and Australia. Files, China also criticized Setting Aukus. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman summoned residency, the new alliance caused serious grain to peace and stabilize the area, enhance the armed race and destroy the universal nuclear weapons. Last week also witnessed the Korea for the missile test from the submarine, while North Korea tried a new long-range journey missile and a launcher rocket system from the train
Doubtfulness, US Navy stressed, their rocket test "was scheduled annually" and "not to respond to any world events that are going on or show off the power."

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