America – Trung Reached The Agreement To Block The Myanmar Military To Spoke In The United Nations

Informal agreement supposedly blow to efforts to legitimize the military regime Myanmar.Theo diplomats, the US and China has brokered a deal to stop the military leaders Myanmar told the General Assembly of the UN on toi.Thoa week for weeks upon forming diplomatic negotiations behind the scenes. According to Foreign Policy, it involves the Member States will agree to stop debate in the Commission certified state diplomacy, the military regime in Myanmar, until after diplomatic meetings annually by the United country. (Artwork) Meanwhile, the ambassador of Myanmar at the UN now, Mr

. Kyaw Moe Tun, who was faced with a life-threatening since publicly opposed the military regime, was co not to speak before the General Assembly during the session and did not sit in the seat of Myanmar. Answer Foreign Policy, Mr. Kyaw Moe Tun not confirm if there are empty seats in Myanmar's high-level meeting or not
But he said: "Now my security situation stable" .Thoa agreement is expected to delay efforts by the Burmese military authorities to promote the recognition of the United Nations, at least for until December 11, when the Commission certified bring the issue representatives into consideration. According to Foreign Policy, the agreement has received some support non-formal, including from representatives of the European Union and Russia .According to regulations, if there is a dispute in identifying representatives, representatives incumbents will keep their seats until the commission to reassess the decision and the UN General Assembly approved the foreign duyet.Mot assigned to participate in the discussions said the US and its European allies are trying to postpone the decision concerning the representative of Myanmar at the UN as long as possible. They are concerned that the committee concerned can being urged to resolve the issue before the may meeting 11.No scenes diplomacy shows the United States and its allies are seeking to maintain pressure on the c whopping Myanmar military government, and reflect the problems seemed simple logistics - like who is certified to speak at an event - can turn into complex diplomatic conflicts at the United quoc.Tuy However, the agreement also shows that the US and China are looking for diplomatic cooperation, even if conflicts over a range of issues khac.Phuong UK (source: foreign Policy)

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