America Will Announce The Nord Stream-2 Agreement, Ukraine Faint

The benefits of Ukraine are not clearly stated in the agreement that the United States is achieved with the German side of NORD STREAM-2. US and German organs on July 20, said the two countries have reached an agreement to allow the NORD project Stream-2 is completed instead of under pressure of the US. This is said that the move terminates many years of stress between the United States and the big allied in Europe, according to Reuters. Agreement between the US and Germany about Nord Stream-2 will include the US stopping this project. Hey, the US President Joe Biden will not continue to protest the NORD STREAM-2 project, terminating many years of controversy about the fate of this project

. In the meantime, Germany will agree to support Ukraine in diplomacy. Energy and projects in this field. Expected agreement includes guaranteed provided to Ukraine in case Germany cut gas supplies from Russia, as well as the commitments of both countries to strengthen Investing in the energy sector of Ukraine
The country intends to "offset" to any negative consequences from the introduction of the new gas pipeline. "Everything is going well. We expect that these negotiations will lead to a solution in the coming days, "Reuters' sources revealed. According to another source, the parties arranged to sign a deal will solve concerns Expected in the US Congress and Verkhovna Rada (Congress) of Ukraine. American organs under the 2-time government opposed this project. But after being elected, President Joe Biden in May removed US sanctions for the NORD STREAM 2 AG project and the company's leadership. This move is a change in American policy and is considered a Biden administration's attempt to strengthen relations with European allies, especially Germany. Agreement between the US and Germany will allow Russia Double the number of natural gases exported directly to Germany through underground baltic underground pipes while maintaining pipes running through Ukraine.In the meeting last week, US President Joe Biden and German Prime Minister Angela Merkel was unable to solve these pipelines. However, leaders agreed that Russia "should not be allowed to use energy sources as a weapon against neighboring countries
" That, according to the announcement of the US Department of Foreign Affairs on July 19, Derek Chollet - Senior Advisor of Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet senior officials of the Government of Ukraine in Kiev in 2 days 20-27/7 to reinforce the strategic value of the American relationship - Ukraine. A source told Reuters, the United States is committed to ensuring that Ukraine supports a future agreement with Germany.On Waldemar Gerdt, a member of the German National Assembly Committee on international issues from the party replaces Germany (AFD) said, an agreement with the US on NORD Stream 2 may include buying the country's liquefied natural gas (LNG), but Berlin's benefits are not taken into account. "Perhaps, benefits Ukraine will also be a bargain. I'm glad that the negotiations are underway and an agreement will be achieved. And sanctions will be removed, this is a favorable event, "said Gerdt. The Gerdt said that Germany's interests in energy supply" become a bargain and Russia ". Mr. Gerdt noted, "Foreign friends pay less attention to German benefits, while the limitation of energy sources is threatening our economy." In that time, according to Ms. Tatyana Romanova , Expert of Valdai Political Club, USA will no longer prevent the completion of NORD STREAM-2 construction, but the threat to future projects may not come from the US pressure, From the changing the energy balance of the European Union (EU) .NORD Stream-2 can escape the American claw but with Poland, Yes Lan is one of the countries that oppose harsh projects This is in the EU. Warsaw has repeatedly tried against the construction of NORD STREAM-2 gas pipeline, thinking that this project will cause economic harm to the whole country and Germany. One when NORD Stream-2 is transformed, The project will make Poland reduce part of the competitiveness in the European market. Warsaw is said to have made efforts to become a clue for US liquefied gas supply in Europe. However, the demand for using this fuel has not been appreciated by Russia's gas, which is more cheap and stable. Lai Lam

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