American Article Ship Attacks Landed To The Black Sea

The sailors on the US Navy's landing attack on the Black Sea participated in exercises with other forces of the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Fleet 6 of the US Navy on 8 -7-2021 Notice.0: 00/1: 11 Southern Southern Yuma can transport both a US Marine Marine Aquarium is given in the context of concerns of conflict in the region. According to American generals, the Naval Ship Yuma of the Spearhead class began moving north to enter the Black Sea to exercise with partners and allies of NATO. This ambiance can transport a national team The American War and ship are fully equipped for aircraft operating, ready to deploy combat. The Yuma ship will participate in the Sea Breeze exercise along with forces from 32 countries, including Ukraine, England, France, Poland, Georgia, Senegal, Korea, Pakistan, Japan and Morocco

.Nga said that exercises This risk of actually escalating military stress. Last month, Russian diplomats have called on the United States to control participation, saying that "the scale and the aggression of the exercise cannot help solve real challenges in ensuring security in the sea area Black ". Sea Breeze battle scheme is expected to take place until the end of July 10, in which the US sailors rehearsed many battle categories such as landing, air defense and anti-submarine
Theo RTmai Phuong

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