American Girl Is Chased From The Gym Room Because Wearing Sports Bras

Not to mention the rules of costumes, Shelby Bellz said she saw hurt, the feeling of being shurbing appearance because of the attitude of the gym staff.Theo clip was posted on June 23, Shelby Bellz (26 years old) for Know she went to the Gym room in the legging pants and black sports bra. Because of the high leggings, she only revealed about 3 cm of the abdomen, according to 7 news. However, the receptionist GYM said it has a costume. Accordingly, customers are not wearing a sports bra separately to the gym because they cannot reveal the belly

.Shelby is fired from the gym because he wears only sports bras and legging. Screenshot. "But at that time, the staff said I could still go to the episode, just pay attention to the dress
She also gave me a bracelet to prove that I was accepted Thuan, "Shelby said. After about 15 minutes, another employee approached, asking for a 26-year-old girl to leave the gym while she was running." I am surprised and really embarrassed for the incident now Between the gym. The female employee talked to the sarcastic attitude 'We couldn't let the belly fat was to show it,' makes me feel like a mockery. If a little girl is there, I'm sure The female employee won't say that. What makes her feel hurt is the attitude of employees for me.clip of Shelby getting more than 1.2 million views. Many people showed sympathy to her and criticized the behavior of the Gym staff. June 28, Shelby said she talked to the GYM Room Manager
This person agreed that in the case of that day, she shouldn't be invited out like that and apologized.Shelby didn't want to reveal the gym because he didn't want everything to go away. Julia Maren is pressed Request to wear a shirt in the Gym.The Room 9/2020, while practicing at Gym Club, Julia Maren (Tennessee, USA) is also said that a man said that she "will have to leave." Wearing a long dress. Then, Julia is wearing legging pants and black crop shirt hugging black, revealing about 7.5 cm of waist, according to will use the incident on the personal page with Thai Attemiral, Julia said that this is a gender discrimination behavior and dual standards. In her gym, there are still men wearing comfortable costumes like the top tank or hugging muscles. "When we stop controlling the female body and allow women to wear any What is comfortable at the gym? ", She wondered.

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