American Journalist ‘crazy’ With A New Russian 3 Wheels

Justin Daves Journalist of the US Portal Cycle World praised the latest Ural model of the Russian manufacturer of Russia.0: 00/1: 28 NAM in the new Ural car with improved nitron suspension, convertible rack Sung, the engine protection kit, the dedicated exhaust system for topographic vehicles, Heidenau K 37 sports tires and auxiliary fuel tank. In addition, Daves journalists also pay attention to the orange craft camouflage shell of the motorbike. The false emphasizes the reliability of the engine of 749 cc 41 horsepower can always start and, according to journalists, It makes Ural Gear Up Geo look very classic. The 3-wheel car model Ural Gear Up Geo

.Daves said, the comfort of comfort when moving on Russian motorbikes is 65 miles / hour (about 105 km one Now), he added that it was possible to accelerate to 80 miles per hour (about 130 km / hour), but this is a difficult speed for this motor. Features of new Nitron shock absorbers can be adjusted Completely makes driving a lot more comfortable than standard Ural Gear Up and sub-sockets that help easily handle sand and liquid soil on the road, author noted. The journalist also noted even if the Ural was stuck on the terrain line, it could easily escape thanks to the reverse number
"I spent a few weeks with Ural and found myself nervous with every moment of it. No Must the motorbike also makes you crazy; Some of the people can penite into your heart. This is not the best motorbike when it comes to pure performance, but if you want a happy time looks, then there is less in life than Ural Gear up Geo ", the journalist Daves concludes.theo

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