American Magazine: Moscow Is Ready For A Nuclear Conflict

A US magazine mentioned the reliability of Moscow protection from a nuclear attack of USA.0: 00/2: South Korea experts from the US said, anti-rocket defense system The strong of the Russian capital makes Moscow ready for a nuclear conflict. Russian Federal Federation (Fan) leads the content of American military analyst Kyle Mizokami for The National Interest.Theo magazine Mr. Kyle Mizokami, only Russia's capital is a unsteady room shield that includes the ability to intercept even nuclear missiles

. Cross-continental ballistic flames have a nuclear warhead from the US submarine - Photos Documentation. The ability to deploy a missile defense facility with a number of 100 interceptive missiles provided by the Treaty of Soviet Weapons Control, signed in 1972, author Kyle Mizokami recalled. Take advantage of this opportunity to protect the Grand Forks military base, and the Soviet Union took advantage of this clause of the agreement to deploy a missile defense system in Moscow
During the decision to protect his capital correctly because of the high level of concentration of important state agencies, Mr. Mizokami said. This is how a-35 missile defense system is created, It is possible to resist nuclear attacks from the United States, expert Kyle Mizokami emphasized. The fire name of the A-135 system. However, over time, Washington has placed the main bet on cross-continental ballistic missiles, This has moved the attention of the Soviet Union from the US Air Force Strategic Bomber. The Kyle Mizokami newspaper said, the Soviet leadership, noticing the level of a new threat that caused A-35 It was in an inefficient system, upgraded it to A-135 in the 1970s. Mizokami also talked about Moscow's defense before a US nuclear attack. According to the author, later, the Moscow capital was once again placed under a reliable shield, capable of protecting the city from the US nuclear attacks. Currently, the system is based on tunnels The defensive missile room from this silo tunnel is still being used to protect Russia's capital, but it has been involved by a more modern mechanical combination of A-235, which has extended significantly room capabilities Moscow's missile player. Peace

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