American Military Transport Aircraft Into Taiwan Intends

A few days ago, a US military transport plane C-146A came to Taiwan. Ngo Khiem Chinese Defense Spokesman, warning that the US military aircraft landed into Taiwan Island illegally, and could 'cause serious consequences' Taiwanese communications, on the morning of the day July 15, a US C-146A military aircraft, takes off from Japan's Okinawa base and landed on Taipei's Tung Son Base. After retention 34 minutes, it takes off and leaves Taiwan. C-146A is the military version of the Dornier 328. In addition to being used as a regular military transport aircraft, C-146A Can be used as a combat campaign of special forces

. The aircraft can carry 27 crew members, or 2,722 kg of goods. For freight transport, this type of aircraft is usually used by the US military to transport for the US military and NATO allies in Afghanistan.Theo official website of the US Department of Defense, the main task of military aircraft The C-146A, is to provide the commander of special campaigns, a small and flexible battlefield team is flexible and collected by air, under the Command of special campaigns, of the US Air Force
There are rumors that the mission of this flight is to transfer "packages" to the American Association in Taiwan (AIT). Before this problem, AIT replied, they "didn't comment" anything about this issue. Diplomatic Ministry and the Defense Ministry of the Territory of Taiwan declared, they are not responsible for related explanations, or More comments on related communication reports. Taiwan island air force declares that they do not have any contact with the plane on. Although the people who play the key role of Taiwan island are silent, but Chinese military intelligence only Out: All details show clearly, this is a military activity, very good camouflage.Theo communication Taiwan, traditionally, the so-called "diplomatic parcel" by the US government Transfer, mostly assigned to private courier companies. Therefore, the US does not have too urgent things, but misses military aircraft, delivered "diplomatic parcels". There is no hurry, which America has broken the tradition, when bringing military aircraft to the radio Loan to "courier", absolutely an unusual act, so the Chinese side "is particularly interested" to this issue. June 6, the C-17 transport truck carrying American Senator And this C-146A administrative plane is the first military aircraft into Taiwan for many years. Last time C-17 with the reason was transferred to the "Vaccine Member", and this time "jacket" C-146A is "courier"
Some Hong Kong media commented that two machines American military fly to Taiwan, is a transport aircraft and administrative aircraft, nature without armed. America's move is a strategy of exploring "cutting sausages", with the Chinese side. If the Chinese side reacts a little, the US can send more sensitive military aircraft to Taiwan. For the two military aircraft entering Taiwan, the plane takes off from Korea and Japan, this is the act that China said, preparing US military intervention in Taiwan Strait. In addition, Taiwan media is still speculated, the intention of the US side is to normalize, bringing military aircraft flying to Taiwan, anytime, under many different moves, to check the response of China. About the Taiwan side they announced, will try their best to cooperate with the United States, to prevent China's "deterrence". Meanwhile, many people of all walks in Taiwan celebrated, because the government of Thai Anh Van, was "constantly strengthened US-Taiwan relationship". America couldn't help but not know sensitivity sympathy of their military aircraft, landing on Taiwan territory; But the US decided to follow their own path, warning China was not "crossing the red border". The Chinese Ministry of Defense spokesman said that Taiwan is the territory of China, any machine Every foreign military flying must be allowed by the Government of the People's Republic of China to land on our territory, otherwise it will receive "serious consequences". Photo source: QQ. The world's largest Boeing C-17 transport aircraft carries goods for Vietnamese military medicine to South Sudan. Source: QPVN.

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