American New Sanctions For ‘northern Flow 2’ Will Christ To The Eu

If the United States decides to impose a new tough sanctions for 'Northern Flow 2', it will Christmas a strong blow into agreements with Europe, forcing these countries to retaliate, Deputy General Director of the Fund Alexei Grivach National Energy Security said. Northern Flow Project 2 Complete the last KM. Photo: Russia Energy 24/9, the US House of Representatives passed the defense budget, giving tougher sanctions to Russia. In particular, documents include modifications of new sanctions for the "Northern Flow 2" pipeline. What will happen if sanctions are applied? "If the US President Pressure Placing sanctions, it will be a strike into agreements with Europe, forcing these countries to retaliate

. And the entire task of the government is to restore relationships to dissolve "- Mr. Grivach said.Alexei Grivach has said that efforts to strengthen sanctions for Russia's gas pipeline projects may continue to follow the internal struggle in the US
Meanwhile, the word of the modifications is quite vague and there is no space for explanation. Concluding: "For us, will still find the operating mechanism under the conditions of the order Punish ". In September, Gazprom announced the completion of the construction of" Northern Flow 2 ". The company is currently conducting a gas pipeline and certification for the operator to start supplying gas.Theo

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