American Secret Helicopters Used To Destroy Bin Laden Publicly In Kabul

During the evacuation campaign from the Kabul capital of Afghanistan, the United States had to mobilize the invisibility version of UH-60 helicopter, which is the means mobilized in the campaign to kill terrorist bin Laden. In A few days, the image of American helicopters landed on the roof of high-rise buildings in the Kabul capital of Afghanistan to evacuate people before the Taliban force entered continuously on international press. The unexpected thing came when a strange helicopter was discovered, it seemed quite similar to UH-60 Black Hawk but had many angles to reduce the radar reflex area and bring a special design rotor. Military experts, this is the stealth version of the UH-60 multi-purpose transport helicopter - the US special use in the raid to destroy the terrorist Osama bin Laden on Pakistan in 2011 .Like this is the first time the legendary color helicopter appears publicly in front of everyone If you don't know for any reason, I don't know for the United States to the airplane with your secret to be clear before international media

. For the special version of the UH-60 mentioned above, according to the designers, want the machine Flying becomes invisible, in addition to radar scattering, there must be low infrared expressions and minimizing noise, not even using the usual radio communication device. The most important is still for airplanes On the track of the radar, then the aircraft must be designed so that many scattered surfaces make the radio waves not rebound, in addition, the paint must also absorb part. Sau Radar, the common secondary goal It is trying to minimize the infrared signal emitted from the aircraft, the focus will be reduced from the engine emission, causing infrared cameras can not be seen
About the noise, helicopter with the main motion propeller and The smaller tail propeller rotates in the other direction poses a larger challenge if he wants to be invisible, this is the factor that makes the plane up straight "invisible" more than counter Lower so Americans with their outstanding science and technology have created an authentic stealth helicopter, it easily surpassed all reconnaissance vehicles throughout the route from Jalabad, Afghanistan to Abbottabad, Pakistan. Even when the helicopter approaches the goal, the people around the terrorist boss bin Laden shelter do not hear noise from the propeller and the engine, showing that the plane is designed perfectly . Only unfortunately for the American task force it was a helicopter who had a trouble, causing the soldiers to install mines to destroy it, the existing plane tail makes the world a part of a good means . According to experts, after observing the tail propeller, they noticed a few modifications from the standard Black Hawk to be very clear. However, it seems to have more tail propellers than the normal 4-leaf of UH-60.A or additional wings will allow that propeller to turn slower but still achieve the performance that the helicopter needs If you reduce the rotation speed of the propeller, it means that the plane will be quieter. And the complex components of the tail rotor gearbox, odd small rivets there - where the cake contains the cake The following of Black Hawk - all areas where the radar waves can be blocked and the feedback has not been clearly explained. But with the public appearance of the secret helicopter mentioned on the Kabul sky, many Hide the remaining number may be answered in the future.

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