American Vice President Harris On The Road To Singapore, Vietnam

On August 20, US Vice President Kamala Harris began to make a visit to Singapore and Vietnam to confirm the priorities of the Biden Government for the region. The US President Kamala Harris Ends the Taliban Afghan to take advantage of the urgent nature for the visit to the two Southeast Asian countries this time of Mrs. Harris. The opportunity is also an opportunity for US Vice President to affirm her direct role in issues Foreign schedule, Mrs. Harris will have stops at Anchorage in Alaska state and Japanese Tokyo capital to load fuel for the air force 2

. On August 22, US Vice President will come to Singapore. 8, Mrs. Harris said that the two countries she was about to visit "was important in India - Pacific
We have the benefits there, in both security, economic and global health ". August 23, Ms. Harris will have a telephone call with Singapore President Halimah Yacob, attend a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister Singapore Li Hien Long and have a speech on a US battleship who is visiting Singapore. August 24, US Vice President expects a speech to raise the US vision of regional participation, Then attend an event with business leaders on issues related to the supply chain. Then, Mrs. Harris visited Vietnam. Analysts hope that during this trip, Mrs. Harris will practice lower on commercial issues. The White House is calculating a new digital trade agreement with regional countries, to allow data to be shared more freely and create opportunities for US businesses to cooperate more in technologies. Emerging in the region with the world's most rapid growth rate
The translation of Covid-19 is definitely one of the focus of the visit, when the Delta transformation continues to make Southeast Asian countries struggling , while the vaccination rate is still low. America provides more than 23 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine for ASEAN, along with tens of millions of dollars to buy personal protective equipment, set Experimental and other necessary medical goods to help countries in the area to deal with epidemics. In the visit to Vietnam, Mrs. Harris plans to have an online meeting with ASEAN medical ministers and attend Opening Ceremony of the Regional Office of the American CDC Prevention and Control (CDC) (CDC). Popic Gregory Poling, a senior researcher in Southeast Asia at the research center International and Strategic (CSIS) in Washington, said these activities show that the focus of Harris's trip will be an American commitment to the region in the epidemic context. "About Covid-19 , the US government realized that this is a particular problem. If they are not acknowledged as a leading vaccine distributor in the area, other things they do in Asia don't want to listen there, "said Poling. Jiangtheo AP, Reuters

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