Among The 6 Immortal Gods Of Chinese Mythology, Buddha Nest Like Lai Ranked 6th, So Who Was The Head?

If asked to the immortal paradise in Chinese mythology, many people will probably think it's a Buddha like a hybrid, but the truth is not available in: 00/2: 17 Nou southern region Learn List 6 Immortal gods of ancient myths of Chinese on the list below: 6. Buddha seemed as hybrid as hybrid as the most well known through Tay Du Ky movie. He was the most powerful person in Heaven and the only one who could suppress Religion. With only the hands of the Buddha's arms, Sun Wukong had to stay under the Five Earned Mountains 500 years but he still lies at the end of this list. (Photo: Sohu) 5

. Ngoc HoangTrai with the Buddha's team Nhu Lai, Ngoc Hoang was the head of Thien Dinh but eventually still could not respond to enlightenment. However, you have noticed in a western thing to sign, Buddha who said a word with Ton Ngo That Ngoc Hoang Dai Gao has undergone 1,750 lives, each lasting lengthened to 120 thousand years. To see the jade royal is really good and maybe he does not attach importance to Sun Wukong so he doesn't go hand with him
Hoang Hoang (Photo: Sohu) 4. Dong Hoang Thai Nhat Dong Hoang Thai was the highest god in the mythology, and many people also said that he was one of the founders of Thien Dinh. He owns a particularly strong magic weapon in his hand - Dong Hoang bell. Dong Thai Nhat in Western Journeyends. (Photo: Sohu) 3. Oatrong Oatrong Ancient Mythology Chinese, Female OA is one of the Shen Mass Creator. She didn't only have a living, but also helped the world overcome the victims of destruction. The OA has trained 36501 pentacous stones and used them to cover the sky, save the people from deep and avoid mistakes Coal, suffering for the people. However, the female OA did not own the most powerful god so she only ranked 3rd in immortal gods. Oa training stone
(Photo: Sohu) 2. Nguyen Thien Ton Thien Ton Thien Ton is one of Taoism's highest gods. According to notes, he was born before the time of mugs and immortality and everyone called him as ancestors of the heavens. The original Thien Ton ranked second in Tam Thanh with the throne of Ngoc Thanh, with immortal strength losing one person. Thien Ton Thien Ton in Journey to the West. (Photo: Sohu) 1. The colonial goal shall be confessed in the mythology of the great Chinese language belonging to the neck table. After the ancient table opened into the world, the ancient gods and new people were developed in accordance with the law. If there is no appearance of the ancient table, perhaps the world has become, the neck table is certainly the first, is the god of insistence, creating a universe in ancient mythology China. The neck opened to the world today. (Photo: Sohu) according to the collection / law

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