An Artist Died For Covid-19

Director Nguyen Tan Luc died for Covid-19, the cast expressed the sadness, mercy.0: 00/2: 4 southern performances, actor Nguyen Tan Luc died for Covid-19 in Tioi 31 Here, Cao Thai Ha actor posted the article to express the mercy of the departure of the director, actor Nguyen Tan Luc.Thien, director Nguyen Tan Luc, born in 1990, once known to Movie series "Detective sister", "The day I came". Nam artist died at 16 o'clock, on September 13 at the Base Cancer Hospital 2 (HCMC) after treatment of Covid-19. , Artist Nguyen Tan Luc suffers from Covid-19 in mid-August and treatment at the Panic Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, but then became heavy should be transferred to the basic Cancer Hospital 2

. Disease of the actor , Director Nguyen Tan Luc made many people shocked. Cao Thai Ha actor shared: "We always think I have a lot of time until I realize that the final greeting is impossible. Goodbye and in that place are elite!"
Bach Cong actor Khanh also shared: "Too cruel! Really still do not believe in the truth, he rests ... Great family and I will remember you!". And actor Kieu Trinh shared on a personal page : "Just or believe me, you will go away. Several today I think I will be healthy and soon as with my wife and wife and everyone. Siblings always believe and hope I will peace overcome. I also have eight jungle together, but today or the heart pain too. I leave and all my colleagues always miss you. "Jang Tuyn Y Yew is in a critical situation, love The health status of singer Jang Tuyn (born in 1979) is in critical condition, ECMO intervention
The voice of the Ba Na people suffer from Covid-19 from August 8.. Singer Y Jang Tuong, said her husband has not been vaccinated because when he injections with blood pressure and drug allergies should not be injected . By the time the agency arranged for him to take a hospital in the hospital then he was already, not injected anymore. "The situation of Y Jang Tuyen was in critical level, had to use ECMO intervention, artificial heart system Lungs. He is still being watched to see what the situation is, unable to say anything "- his wife said. While, singer Phi Nhung was treating Covid-19 at Cho Ray Hospital also Back after several days for positive results. African's health also became the page

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