An Episode ‘flavor “only Revolves Around The Mole Eraser

In the two episodes of recent waves, 'fertilizer "focuses heavily on flange and Diep characters, making the audience react to 9: 00/3: 31 southern people who have come to episode 17 of the section two. In recent episodes, the movie was reacted by the audience because of the end of the war, long line. The sub-character, including Ms. Bich and Diep, almost occupies the full duration in episodes 15 and 16. The flies occupy a episode of Episode 15 around Diep (Bich Ngoc) Si Me Dung (Sy Hung)

. She decided to remove the mole, despite her protested mother. When she discovered the incident, Ms. Bich was shocked, constantly cried
She just beaten and shouted at her daughter's face: "You break the General Phuc, Loc, Tho's life like that. Mute." .Ba Bich also blamed Nam (Phuong Oanh) to instigated Diep. Ms. Bich scenes are angry, crying, cried only because the mole occupies old half-time movie. Bich and Diep "occupy" only because of the mole remover. Photo: VTV. The 16th was later followed by Mrs. Bich cried, scolding Diep
Diep is more confident after bleaching the mole. But because of the bravery, she neglected was a job, causing students to fall while playing a slide. Ms. Bich and Diep came to the student's house to apologize and meet Long (strong school) here. The amount of each episode of the fingers of the body was complained too short, only 20 minutes. When the sub-character route is pushed up with unnecessary long-term circumstances, the audience reacts strongly. "Wreating around Diep Me Trai and erasing the moles but two episodes. Part two seems more and more and more and more and more. The time was a time, "the audience Lan Chi commented. Account Anh Phan has the same opinion: "The director focuses on Mother's mother Bich too much, causing the viewers to inhibit. Just because of the mole, his mother quarreled throughout the episode, then crying. While before Here, thy thy miscarriage is described by a voice ". The object is overweight, causing uncomfortable flange once a funny colorful character, witty, bringing laughter to the audience. Artist Tu Oanh's acting is appreciated. However, what is so often causing reverse effects. The noise appearance of Ms. Bich no longer attracts viewers. The psychological variable of the flange and Diep characters increasingly makes the audience uncomfortable. After years with mistakes caused, Ms. Bich remains unchanged. Every time I have something, she immediately blamed for men. Even though she was humiliated by Ms. Xuan, vu oan stolen gold, Ms. Bich was still enthusiastic to assign Long and Male. The chemplates of appearance but still fascinating, even stupid. Every day, she stealthily stood still to watch Dung remotely. Wearing for men recommend, Diep a squid stabbed his head on the one of his appearance. "Ms. Bich's mother did not change at all, increasingly inhibiting", "Ms. Bich's character is being done too, apart The life is no longer the woman who personality is like that, "" every time Ms. Bich appears to be noisy, aching both "," Diep is too blind "... are sharing from the audience. Interview with ZING, Bich Ngoc expressed in part two, Diep's character was more young but still fell and had a little "bad". Especially in love, Diep is very true. "In the love taste, I made the scenes of family feelings quite easy. But the segments with Dung characters, I find it hard. Because of Diep's dialogue . In the world, I will never say that. I have to focus on getting emotions, "Bich Ngoc said. The friendship showed signs of reducing attraction when walking into part 2. Photo: VFC. in the stage This, the feet of body is not so long that is too long, spread or inhibited like an apple tree blooming. However, with what's going on, the audience is concerned that the film will go into the car "longer," as long as the longer Vietnamese drama episode before. Create rice (109 episodes), sound in the rain (54 episodes), sunflower sunflower (70 episodes) ... are discovered drowning and reducing attraction at the next stage. The expected number of exercises of body flavors is 120. In order to retain attractive, balanced film circuits between the character lines, not the custody of the custody is a problem with the team of scenery, director and ethod. Crew movie.Lly Nguyen

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