My village, Hoang Mai village when many ponds, next to Kim Nguu River, immediately with Yen So Dam, Lu, Thinh Liet ... also in Thanh Tri, where there are lightning dresses with specialties 'copper perch' . Swim up

. Many big children with hands, yellow nurses, only crimes, need to be careful with the grab and back bones, are not cleverly crashing into their hands, bleeding ..
so painful. But likes to eat especially frying, pepper, cooking soup ... water soup from the fishbone pounds. The meal only needs a dream soup bowl cooked with perch, a plate of fried rusty rusty, compressed brittle cater and a dish of food vegetables with ... delicious and always. "Melon, broody, a lot of lagoon lagoon, Ginseng took the West Lake" Ca Dao, the specialty is almost all of them

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