Ancient Memories

It is true that there is a movement to erase the illiteracy that many teams are interested and rise to such a good mature. Newly liberating the popular movement is very lively everywhere, the Lunar New Year that goes out where I have a wire and a alphabet, who goes through is checked and read , someone who has not yet went to school, don't know if the literacy is embarrassed but it is so main so everyone must be self-academic, where can sit as a place to take place to study, visit the long tape to study , each person who loves the chair to sit, although it is so very excited and very happy. The students we have a summer vacation must participate in teaching affordable academic in his neighborhood. I'm responsible for teaching A wife of the army sister she has a small child so I have to worry about me to eat you so that you eat and learn it, I have a long time to borrow my pants, but you have to borrow my pants. Roll out and look at me laughing, having a day Medicine has just ru me to sleep, but a teacher is still drunk together to study all 4th grade programs, of course, spelling and mathematics only

. BDHV case, at that time I went away, when I was going back to hear my name turned back, I went on my hand to hold my hand to say: - Thanks to you later, I will go to school to make the chief store Food shop. When I was moved and very happy for her. It was thanks to the movement to erase illiterate victims that many of the army wives are interested and rise to such a good mature you guys Guestheo story of the village

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