Angelina Jolie Super Power In Blockbuster ‘immortal Race’

Angelina Jolie continues to make fans hold breaths with a series of super-knockout scenes in the new trailer of 'Eternals: EMPLOYER'.00: 00/02: 52trailer latest of' Eternals: Immortal races'eternals: race Immortal focuses on immortal superheroes have accompanied and protects the earth for 7,000 years. In particular, the 4,000-year-old superhero players were played by Angelina Jolie capable of creating any weapons from the universe energy. The 200 million blockbuster has just launched the next trailer to reveal the series of extremely actresses of the 46-year-old actress in the first time to film the superhero of Marvel. Angelina Jolie's objects have platinum hair, possessing golden swords Glowing the powerful power

.Trailer has a length of nearly 3 minutes to reveal revealing why the superhero with the ultimate and mysterious power is not revealed when Thanos flickering his hand disappearing half of the universe. Opening the trailer, two characters reciprocating the event occurred in Avengers: endgame. At that time, Thanos disappeared half of the universe and the people on the planet, then brought everything back just by a snap
When half of the humanity returned to Earth suddenly brought Big energy source is not necessary. And a member of the Eternals team told why they didn't interfere with the wars took place ever. 7000 years ago, the Eternals appeared for the first time to defeat the Deviants evil species. Eternals are only allowed to appear when things are related to Deviants, so war, epidemics or Thanos are not eligible for them to appear to save humanity. When the mysterious energy source appears, only 7 days to prevent males from happening to humans, so the etERNALS group's mission is to find other members remaining in the earth, gathering into a squad to prepare combat. Hollywood's most famous cast and young faces are rising by many cinematographic backgrounds like Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, which is the most prominent Angelina Jolie. Eternals: The immortal race is the fourth film in the career of Chloe Zhao, the female director won two Oscar yellow statues with Nomadland. The film is expected to work globally in November.

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