Angered Because He Could Not Escape The ‘old Lover’s Curse’, An American Sued ‘the Fortune Teller’

A man in the United States was very disappointed and angry because the fortune teller was promised to help him solve the 'old lover's curse', but it seemed to have failed. Meanwhile, the money he had paid a part. Now he sue always fortune tellers and claims to compensate for a large amount of money. He has different perspectives in trusting or not believing in divination, but there are people who believe it, when everything happens like me Expectations, and sue to the fortune teller. It is a situation of a man named Mauro Restrepo in California (USA)

. This person sent a lawsuit to Torrance court to claim a fortune teller Sophia Adams to compensate.Theo records, Mauro said it was found about Sophia online. Due to the unhappy marriage life, Mauro asked Mrs
Sophia "advice" .do married life was unhappy so Mauro decided to ask a fortune teller. Artwork: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty.In a "consultation", Sophia watched Tarot and said Mauro was suffering from "the curse of a witch hired by the old lover". This "curse" will break Mauro's marriage, making his family "unhappy and in danger". It was true like a story of the Halloween. Finished, Sophia said that she could help "award the curse of the old lover", thereby rescuing Mauro's marriage. The price for this is $ 5,100 (over 116 million VND). Mauro trusted Mrs. Sophia and paid $ 1,000 (nearly VND 23 million), in the hope of hope that his marriage would be happier
Sophia "said" that Mauro was suffering "the curse of a witch "Rent by the old lover. Artwork: Cheryl Gerber / AP. But more and more, Mauro loses confidence because he realizes that Sophia "doesn't help a bit" for his family. Not only that, he always worries about "curse" (the big ability is unreal) so it is very miserable to insomnia. For last, Mauro decided to sue Sophia with her "company" As "spiritual expert on love Sophia" for crimes causing stress, suffering on emotions. Finally, customers decide to sue fortune tellers because of "promise". Artwork: Sky News.Mauro is demanding that Sophia must compensate $ 25,000 (about 570 million dong), and Mrs. Adams currently hasn't commented.

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