Angry Fans Asked To Kick The Match Against Denmark

An aspect fans of the semi-finals British vs Denmark did the petition UEFA with the desire to play again. Beat Denmark by a penalty for the controversial penalty, left Harry Kanre shot Kasper Schmeichel to bring Three Mekong into the finals. The situation leads to a picture of 11m, causing a picture of a neutral fan or cheering "the lead soldier" is common feeling about the decision to have the feeling of the arbitration of Danny Makkelie, in Sterling Fall in the penalty area. A fans named Cris Pinto made a petition to UEFA posted on the website titled "Stone the Battle of England vs Denmark", with the content: "We Want to recover the decision to blow against Denmark for Denmark

. This is a wrong decision because there is no impact that causes sterling to fall out. If this is not soon overcome, it is the failure of UEFA - the team The position is always close to the beautiful and fair football ". The petition is required to kick the match against Denmark, the application is similar to the 270,000 signature and registration I after the French vs Switzerland, because he said that goalkeeper Yan Sommer left his feet away from the lime before blocking Mbappe's rotational penetration, causing France to stop walking in the first round of Wembley
Although Kasper Schmeichel makes a blockhouse of Harry Kane's 11m stone, Tottenham striker immediately rushes into the unique desk of the semi-finals. After the former goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel is also angry: "weight Tai made a big mistake when blissing the penalty. The decision will be controversial for a long time. "* An Nhi

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