Animal – Good Farmers

'A good cattle! Not only in Kram village but also in Xa Xa, asking for a lot of people '- is the way people often say when mentioning animals (Ha Lang people - a branch of fibrous ethnic people). Not afraid of difficulty, afraid of suffering, with the will of rising, from a farmer who lacks food, A raining has become a mirror in the poverty reduction and becoming a good local farmers. Growing up in Kram village, Xa Koi, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province, A animal has unlucky childhood. Father, leaving her early, his thin mother must alone raise 3 small children so family life is extremely difficult. Up to now, you still don't forget the dates to go to potatoes, there are only days at the whole family

. Learn as much as your peers. Instead of stealing the book to school, A tricks early on the fields, the house on the house helped her mother. The hard child's childhood, hard, not only helping to help her hardworking, hard and hard to cook will rise to escape poverty, get rich to help her mother, take care of the family
One of the leading people, actively applied science and technology to develop urinary rubber trees. Up to now, the family has 4 hectares of rubber, including 3 hectares of rubber for exploitation. It is worth better than rubber hills, coffee ... Blue with the eyes of A trenches are grown right on the land itself before the place of "reign" of the grass, Le and war bombs. "Average per hectare of rubber for 700,000 - 800,000 VND / time shaving. With 3 hectares of rubber go into exploitation, on average, my family collected from 1.05 to 1.2 million dong
From the day, rubber trees went into operation, my family was no longer difficult to work hard. Rubber trees have helped the family have more revenue for shopping and investment "- Animal for good. In the farm, under the rubber gardens, near the slots between hills, animals have planted a lot of coffee. In order to have fertilizer for coffee and water fields, animal livestock extra cows. From the revenue source of rubber trees, A animal invests to buy a water pump, buy NPK fertilizer and take the bull fertilizer hoai Fertilizer for coffee according to the instructions he learned in the commune extension classes. Therefore, 2 hectares of coffee's coffee are green, including 1 hectare of coffee in business and are promoting economic efficiency. A animal visiting cassava garden with cassava roots Prepare for collection, listen to a chat, understand why cassava of A animal for higher productivity. If the grandparents, the parents in the Kram village still planted noodles in a natural way, without investment, care, and now they are animal growing fertilizer, weed so the noodle garden is always green And for many tubers. Every year, 1 hectare noodles bring to the family to animate a small source of income. Add both rubber and noodles, coffee ... Average Family A animal income of nearly VND 400 million / year - a rare number with not only with Ha Lang people in the commune, but also with many farmers Other.Charry about the achievements of today, A clarifying matters - the wife who suffered hard, is also a very active party member of Kram village. Thanks to the motivation, the joint of medicine, A animal work is not tired. Not only actively participate in the training and extension classes open by the commune; Studying in the agricultural extension on television ... A shared is willing to share, helping people in the village every time someone has difficulty; presenting to everyone to care and apply science and technology to plants and livestock for high productivity ... from a farmer with difficult starting points, so far, couple have an area of coffee planting Coffee, rubber, noodles that many people dream. In the spacious house in the middle of the village, the lives of the couple are more and more cozy thanks to modern means of living. With the relatives in Kram village, A Ring is the example, is the story to every The person enters the children of the spirit of overcoming difficulties, about the will to rise and the heart of love, sympathy with the community, village.

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