Animal Hood Of Quang Binh’s Crow

With the concept of 'playing nourness fish, playing a nurse bird', many Quang Binh people find birds play. The birds are more promoted by many people or finding them. Breeding is an elegant, rustic and long-lasting play. Only the long-time players feel all the quintessentials and bars as well as the skill of cuang. I caught, tamary for a long time to get used to, all the fear of the ball, nape of naturally like a wild

. A bird achieved the criteria to make primers that I have to have a good general, a healthy voice, showing styles, bravery when fighting with gods. Therefore, players must grasp the way, methods and skills in choosing, domesticating, taking care, training for the crow. , Light shape, bright color
The bird head must be small, round like apples, gray fur. The baby's eyes, as concave as possible, the black pupil. Look at the right eye, black fur streaks, or just spread over the corners of the eye. Mine is usually nailed, or big, shaded, length and moderate curvature. The birds have a big nostrils, the bird will be stronger and stronger. Neck is high but it must be tied to the darage. White beads must be small, thick, as thick as possible. The beads arranged into a way, called a 1-wire beaded, the two-wire beaded, the more Quy Quang Binh, the beaded beads are usually bumper, ie without wires. Looking through the beaded knowing the bird's voice. The birds with a lot of black fur background are hunchy
The beads on the shoulders are pale yellow pulling up to the neck as possible. Body shaped like banana corn. The right chest blooms like the fruit, a little healthy, the sound of the new force and the distance. The tail must be small, reflecting, the coat hugging the body. The right wing folded, too long buoys, crossing each other. The feathers must be round like a scales of fish, the smaller and grades as thick as possible. Only the squid on the fur pulled into sugar. Low, big, angular, dry scales, or red lipstick, fur covered through the knees. Looking at the hair, beaded the crow, the player knows nothing, or watching the shine, the gesture is It can be guessed, good or bad water. For the crow, every child has a general, its own voice, no children like any children, except for the children with the same people. "Pointed heads, nail beams, Banana corn", "Beaded high, delivering", "Gold beads are earth, burns are Kim", the song "first nose fur grows / second cross wings, Thursday Beaded "or" Nhat Huynh Kien, Nhi Giap, Tam is too difficult, the four-legged legs, beads, beads ". But perhaps" poems about generals "have been played by the village Son, Cultural Commune (Tuyen Hoa) reciprocal is the crystallization, the absorbent of the art of choosing the neck: "Small eyes point, twisted beating of the rounds of their round wings, a small beaded, ink Without the spot of goods, the rape, releasing the Lai Lai's island. See the most shape for small, second to the loudness like a leak (turtles) without breaking. ears, intersections, repeating, brackish ... ".Also, the birds have a cockroach, ie l Well white hair growing on a wing or both wings. This is a good bird to choose to feed. Birds are white, also known as aliants. Just 1 white nails or many white nails are rare birds. Birds have long-legged pins. That is the bird scales closed multiplication, closed into two rows. Birds with red beaks, are killer birds, very evil birds, choose to make birds often meet sewing. A lot of water play: A bird's bird usually has to nape of 3 main players: - Chieu: (or Another name is the nape of calling). When the scoop is often nape "Cu Cu ... Cu". Large voice and pregnancy, poise as well. The crow often moves the voices: Toddlings: "Cu Cu Cu", adding four "Cu Cu ... Cu" ... in which, the voice tonic three, there are places called "unprecedented" birds, and the South is called "Lieu" is the rarest. - Ending: After moving for a while, the bird starts the neck faster, continuously, the voice is faster, urging more but smaller than the water called output. When urging the bird to "Cu Cu Cu, Cu Cu ...". The water should pick up the better. - Cu: or is called hunchback. Is the stage of birds facing directly with birds. At that time, birds will go to the country "Cu Du, Cu Du" continuously. Toky with fast speed, longer as possible. Because this is the main country to stimulate birds jump into traps. In it, birds with humped water matching are rarer than.chim cu grab is rated as a bird or there must be more players such as intersection, lather, iteration, brackish, but very rarely the cu cu the crow has enough water Play this .xen: The sound of the outer stage of the battle bird, the bird ends an hour or a few hours, one hour "Cu Cu Cu, Cu Du". Which child has this water, it will be very good and caught a lot of birds. Like tickling but faster. For example: "Cu cu cu, cu cu cu ... Cu Cu Cu". Meet, or also call five. The birds have a twin voice, the nape repeats. Wallet d

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