Animals Have The Largest Brain And Teeth On The Planet To Find People For Help

All animals in the world are large or small deserves to receive equal treatment. Starting from the smallest actions, people can make big changes, helping to work on the conservation of organisms on earth. Burtle (Physeter MacroCephalus) is a mammal species Giant can be more than 20 m long on the seabed. Usually, 18 m males will weigh 54 tons, 12 m long children will weigh 17 tons. It has a narrow function, especially containing all teeth

. The teeth of criminals have a cone and can be up to 20 cm long and weighs 1 kg each. Therefore, they are deduced by scientists as the largest dental predators in the world. Burtle of whale, stools with teeth whales, although there is no oversized body like many people Brothers in them, however, the criminals are still very easily recognized by their giant heads and their prominent forehead
The burial house has an extremely highlighted head. Three lengths of the whole body and the main thanks to the part has made it an animal with the largest brain once existed on the planet (including extinct creatures). Researchers said that the brain of criminal fish weighed to 8 kg, weighing 5 times a normal human brain. Maybe the main brain so the fisherman family knew how to use the intelligence to help save people support it escapes the "strict" situation like in the story below. The main object in the story is British Hugues Vitry, is a world-famous environmental environment Mauritius. Fish criminals have a cone and can be up to 20 cm long, weighs 1 kg of each. With seasoned seaworthy experience as well as once saving a whale from being trapped into rope, Mr. Vitry immediately understood at the means of the fishermen. When the whale swimming edge, Mr. Vitry seamlessly Camera followed it to be able to return to what the elephant named
After a while, the giant burial fish moved the body to a side and then opened his mouth with the intention to implies that there is a strange object that is making It is extremely uncomfortable. According to the observation of the diver, a hook was trapped into the fish's teeth that made it injured and bleeding. With the tremendous size of the burial fish, it can do a lot of "great" things, but in front of the wounds have a part of the network like this, if there is no help of outsiders will definitely not How to solve. After getting the hook out of my mouth, Vitry felt a bit scared because the burial fish continued to linger. To reassure the fish, this guy had to hug and pat it to say that everything was over. At this moment, the new giant fish reassured and responded to him with the actions that express gratitude in its own way.

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